Thursday, June 19, 2014

What we did last week

Last pottery class
We had our final week of classes at Cascade, filled with class parties and finishing up projects.

We found this spindle with a large number of cardboard squares with holes in them on our way to buy some birthday presents. The kids decided to tidy up and put them all back.

Playing together!
Davis has started actually playing with other kids near his own age! His two favorite friends are Owen, and Mikkoandalrik. I keep telling him that his name is just "Alrik," but the closest Davis will get to that is calling him "Andalrik."

Reading in bef
Davis had a couple of weeks of absolutely refusing to settle down for sleep and Walker and I were getting really frustrated with it. So we decided that it was time for Davis to have the same bedtime rules Moira does, you can read in bed until you are sleepy, but you cannot play or get out of bed. They've been reading together some times, which is super cute.

Moira was in a play on her last day of class. She announced the play and then sat in the background and reminded the rest of the players about their costume changes.

Root beer
Moira has been waiting a really long time to do the root beer making kit I got her. The baby sitter finally agreed to do it with her, and we've been enjoying the weak, undercarbonated results. Fortunately, we have all the parts to try it again.

Giving Stewie a treat
Davis has decided that putting Stewie in his crate is his job. He has mostly figured out how to use the springs on the door to close it, but he doesn't have the strength to open it yet.

Swimming lesson
I finally got the kids signed up for swimming lessons. You can see Davis in the background of this photo screaming his head off. I was very impressed with how calm his teacher was and how good he was at calming him down. Davis' only takeaway from the lesson was that he got his teacher wet, so hopefully this week's lesson will go better.

Arranging flowers
Moira picked out a bouquet at the Farmer's Market and wanted to arrange it on her own.

Davis started measuring things while Walker and I were doing house stuff. Everything was "high inches tall."

Walker finally got Moira's new Goldieblox set set up in a way that they managed to use it. It still falls apart a lot even if you do it perfectly.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 24

We had friends over and their kid went off book with the fort building kit and made this cool thing. Which Davis decided was a tunnel.

Dinosaur party selfie
We were invited to a dinosaur party at the Hobo House, so of course the adults had to take a dinosaur selfie.


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Friday, June 13, 2014

What we did last week

Davis took a break from playing with trains, but he's decided he likes them again. The bonus for me is that he doesn't care if the track is actually complete. This train just went "whee" down to the ground and then drove over the other unfinished end of the track.

Meter art
Moira's class had an assignment to make art with a piece of yarn one meter long. Moira's is the one with the pink flowers around it.

She also figured out that you can add water to bubble liquid and it will still make bubbles.

We had a playdate with my friend Kimberly and her kids, and Moira got to hold a fresh laid egg. She took her job very seriously.

Time to play a game
Davis wanted to play Orchard so badly, we had to take it to school with us.

He has a tendency to wake up and get involved in play for a long time before coming to find me or Walker. This morning I went in to wake the kids up so we could make it to an appointment and he was so involved in what he was building with Duplos he wouldn't let go of them for breakfast and his morning show.

New glasses
Moira lost her old glasses, and these are her new ones. They glow in the dark. We had a long conversation about being responsible with them. So far, she's doing okay.

Don't leave!
The kids have developed a system to keep Walker from going to work in the morning. They shout "Double lock!" while they do this.

Moira flag
Moira made a bunch of flags. I suspect this is the national flag of Moiravania.

He figured out how this works
Both kids have been very interested in helping me assemble the furniture I got from IKEA. It means everything takes twice as long, but Davis getting pretty good with the allen key.

Moira put the pink chair together almost entirely on her own. These are now their favorite chairs for eating breakfast in.

Gabe to the rescue!
Moira spent her own money on this Goldieblox kit that is supposed to make a dunk tank. Unfortunately, the pieces don't lock together, so even with the help of multiple older children, they couldn't get it to stay together when actually used. She did a good job following the assembly instructions before the other kids came over, but again, it just kept falling apart. I suspect we will be writing a letter of complaint to them.

Hunger games
My roommate hosted a giant purple party (of doom) for her birthday and there was a large pack of children from Davis' age up to preteen. They all played together in a large and glorious pack for most of the very long party, which was awesome to watch. There were a few bumps and misunderstandings, and one amusing moment when two of the kids were chasing another one around telling him to leave them alone because he was annoying them. I pointed out that, 1) you can't tell people they aren't allowed to play in any specific space in my house, and 2) they should be more specific about what they wanted him to stop doing. So then the eldest said "Okay! Kid, I want you to stop ANNOYING me."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 23

Davis' present to me for Mother's day was a ladybug habitat. It was not nearly as secure as the butterfly one, so I'm pretty sure most of the ladybug larva escaped out the bottom of the dome. We did end up with one actual hatched ladybug inside (the blurry black dot is it in it's pupa stage), but then it escaped before we could release it.

My under-eye circles have been looking pretty epic lately, which is odd because I've been sleeping better the last few weeks. It probably means I'm not drinking enough water or something.


We are taking (at least) a photo a day, a collage or a picture each week to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 22

Snake eggs
Our last remaining female snake took advantage of the situation when we had to put her and the male in the same cage to have the house sprayed for Carpenter Ants. Unfortunately, we weren't ready for the eggs, so they dried out before we found them.

At parent/tot gymnastics
Me with Davis' foam block tower at gymnastics. This is far and away his favorite part of the class.

Monday, June 2, 2014

What we did last week

Davis is helping
The kids begged Walker to do puzzles with them, and then decided to climb all over him instead of helping.

Playing in the foutain
We went to Folklife to see the Kinderpendant show, and Moira decided that playing in the fountain was a fun thing she wanted to do. And then she did. I was pretty shocked. Davis decided to bundle up for the day and refused to take off any layers, despite it being very hot.

Moira in the fountain
We also went into this fountain while we were there. This is the highlight of Folklife for Moira, but she doesn't seem to realize that it exists at the Seattle Center the entire rest of the year.

Davis still hasn't figured out jumping, this is his best attempt so far.

Moira's ballet class had a mini recital on the last class day. She was super proud and excited to have me there. They did this routine for us twice, and one of the other kids got confused and insisted that Moira's place was hers. Moira responded by graciously moving backwards and adjusting her routine to account for that. Way to be flexible, kid!

Drawing a solar system
Moira decided to draw all the planets, so we had an interesting conversation about what colors they are.

Planting seeds
I let the kids each pick out a packet of seeds to sprout, because we wanted to redo a measuring experiment we didn't pay enough attention to, and Moira really wanted to use our seed starter kit. Davis insisted on green beans, which say on the package that we are not to start indoors and Moira picked a wildflower mix, which is also not supposed to be started indoors. We are living dangerously, and giving it a try.

We went to the bike store as a family and then ended up standing around for a very long time waiting for Walker to talk to the guy who has been working with him on planning his future bike. It took over a half an hour for me to convince the kids to go play outside on the grass instead of lying on the floor of the bike store complaining.