Monday, March 17, 2014

What we did last week

Second step!
Moira got farther on the pottery wheel then I ever did, and made a well that didn't immediately collapse. Unfortunately, it was then time to clean up and let the next class come in.

Looking for library books.
I've been teaching her how to search for books and put them on hold on her own library account. Currently, there are a boat load of Fancy Nancy books coming to us.

Making cards for relatives
After watching the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episode about doing nice things for people, Moira decided to write love letters to some relatives. Davis also made a glitter glue picture for someone.

Working on the scrapbook
Moira worked a little more on her Victoria scrapbook, including doing a little bit of the writing herself.

Follow the leader
Moira made a Magnatile pathway. She tried to go along with Davis wanting to walk on it, but she was tired and that ended badly.

What is this?
Davis noticed these lights at the library and stepped on all of them while telling me which colors they were.

Steep steep hill
He insisted on walking up the steep steep hill on the way home all by himself. He also insisted on walking down it by himself, but I was too nervous to really let him do it along (and in front like he wanted) because he kept speeding up.

I do it!
He really wants to unlock the front door himself, but refuses to let me show him which buttons to push to do so.

Snack outside
We made pancakes with sprinkles in them and ate them outside while reading. I let the kids do almost everything, including all the stirring, and then the bowl got tipped over and most of the batter spilled. I've had a couple of wins lately where I respond the way I want to first instead of losing my shit and then having to backtrack, and this was one of those times. There was enough batter left for snack cakes and breakfast for 3 days, so it was all fine.

Rainbow princess
Moira combined two of her favorite things to draw and made this rainbow dressed princess! It's super awesome.

My bead strings
I spent a bunch of evening time working on Norwescon stuff with my roommate. These are the bead strings that will hang between my brooches.

We went to Crossroads Mall with some friends, and had a lot of fun playing on the 25 cent rides in the main mall.

Balloon ride!
I had heard great things about Wiggleworks, and it definitely lived up to the hype. My kids could have stayed there all day. Moira played so hard she got rug burn on her hands and her clavicle.

Water pillow is comfy
Davis was unsure of it at first, because it was packed and loud, but then he found this water pillow, and I barely saw him for an hour while he explored. He picked out this shirt himself for Pi day. Good job, baby geek.

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