Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing with Roominate

Moira got a Roominate set for Christmas, and we finally opened it up. I'll admit that I was intimidated by the small pieces, but that didn't turn out to be a problem. Our first task was to get the motor going. Moira did the screw drivering, with only minor complaining.

Let's make that!
I liked the way the wires were set up to connect, although the whole thing ends up a little bulky because you have three separate long wirey things all connecting to make one thing work (with the on off button and the battery pack and the motor or light itself). Also, we had a problem because the motor runs too fast. We tried making a little fire like was shown on one of the suggestion sheets and the flames just flew straight off.

We tried making the suggested merry go round and that was heavy enough that it didn't fly off, but we couldn't get a doll to stay in there. Plus I couldn't figure out how to get the motor to stay upright since the wires stick straight out the bottom and are very stiff.

Making a doll house
Moira had the most fun creating furniture. The plastic pieces are very sturdy and lock together easily, so she could mostly do it on her own. She ended up making a bed, table, tv, and a chair.

I really like that there aren't instructions, just these sheets with pictures of things that can be made out of the pieces. Since there was no right way, Moira was able to settle in and look for clues in the pictures and figure out for herself how to make the different things.

She also wanted to make a swing, but the way she assembled her room, we couldn't get it to swing. And since the doll she wanted to play with wasn't to scale, she decided to cut it off right after I took this picture.

Here's her finished room, complete with blanket. She's been asking to play with it again, so I guess it was a hit. I should do some research and see how other people have solved the fast motor problem.

Davis' turn
Davis would really like to have a turn, but he hasn't figured out the motor problem either.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What we did last week

Making maps
Moira spent a long time with her Farfar (She decided that Grandpa wasn't fancy enough, so asked for his permission to call him the Swedish word for "father's father") drawing maps of Disneyland and Disneyworld. I'm not sure why, maybe they were planning an invasion?

Moira has been bored with our Goldieblox set for awhile, but Davis still loves it, and plays with it on a regular basis.

Moira made this tunnel, which she planned to put out in the garden and see what happened when it got rained on. She forgot though because of the giant run of sickness we've been having.

Feeding Stewie
Davis loves to be the one to feed Stewie. He spends a couple of minutes making sure there's the exact right amount of kibble in the cup, much to Stewie's consternation.

Moira's font
Moira decided to sign her name with a heart around each letter. I don't know why this made me so happy, but it really did.

We had to spend all of Tuesday out of the house because of carpenter ant spraying, so the kids and I went to Crossroads Mall and did all the things. Moira did a very detailed paint job on this fairy, matching the skin color on all the skin parts, and the hair, and etc.

At dinner that night, she was drawing on her placemat and kept asking for ideas for what to draw next. Instead of saying she couldn't draw what we suggested, she actually tried, and this is what she ended up with. Mirella told her it looked like the pagan story of how Oestra (on the far left) turned a sparrow into a rabbit so it could survive the winter.

Showing off her scrapbook
We have a weekly meeting at Moira's school to talk about what we are working on off site. Moira brought in her scrapbook and read a fair amount of it out loud without hesitation.

Moira and the baby sitter made this castle from boxes, including a drawbridge.

At urgent care with our first ear infection
Davis topped off our week of illness with an ear infection, so we got to try out one of the fancy new urgent care places near us. I have to say, this is a vast improvement from going to the emergency room which is where we always ended up when I had recurrent ear infections as a teenager.

We decided to pretend we were all healthy on Saturday and Moira went to a party and then we went to see the new Muppet movie. Davis walked the whole way to the bus stop and wanted to walk the whole way to the theater too. Sadly, we were wrong about being healthy and Moira now has an eye infection. I'm sorry, people we may have accidentally infected!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 12 (Pony party!)

Pony rides
The kids and I went to the birthday party of Moira's long time friend last Saturday. And there were ponies to ride! A number of guests were running late, so Moira got a lot of rides in in the short time the ponies were available.

Hello kitty
Davis considered riding one of the ponies, but then decided that that was not a good idea. Instead he enjoyed some of the other activities, like chasing the cats.

Crazy kids
This bouncy house slide was a huge hit with everyone, and the kids went a little wild after the ponies went for a rest.

I'll catch you!
After warming up to the idea of the bounce house, Davis was fully into it, and didn't mind participating in the demolition derby the older kids were making. Only one kid got hurt.

Bouncy house
I had to get into the bouncy house for Davis' first trip. Since I'm still sick, it wasn't really a fun experience.

Moira also partook of the face painting, but I couldn't talk Davis into it.

There were cupcakes, of course.

Opening presents
And presents, also of course. I'm happy that Moira seems to be able to enjoy watching someone else open presents, without being overwhelmed with sadness that they aren't for her.

Pat the bunny
There were also incredibly fluffy bunnies for the kids to hold.

Hi llama!
And llamas and goats and sheep! My kids both touched the bunny, but that was it.

The goodie bag was the coolest. LED light rings seem to be a popular goodie bag item, and these goodie bags had a bunch of them, plus a number of plastic eggs. Moira went to sleep with one of the lights in an egg because she was so enchanted. She also filled a play silk with all of them and then had fun dancing in the dark with it.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tea party!

Folding napkin fans
The last time Moira was putting books on hold at the library, she saw Fancy Nany: Tea Parties which we'd checked out before and decided she wanted to put it on hold so she could throw her baby sitter a surprise tea party. We got the book last week, and happened to stay home from school because she seemed to have a little cold (that then decimated the rest of us), so we spent the morning getting ready.

Needs more tape
First we cut butterfly shapes for placemats. Moira grudgingly let Davis decorate his, and she did hers and the baby sitters.

Folding napkin fans
Moira folded some silver paper napkins into fan shapes.

Tea cups
Then we went to pick out tea cups to put the napkins in. We have a different set that held the fan shape better, but Moira picked these cups because they are prettier.

While we were doing this, Davis was unrolling a bunch of tape, and I started to get cranky, so I asked both kids if we could stop. Moira took the book downstairs while Davis and I did something else, and my Mother helped her pick out a tea party worthy outfit, which I sadly didn't get a picture of. I'm proud that I was able to recognize the point where trying to help her with all the bits she wanted to cover and help Davis with his obsessive tape piling got to be too much for me before I started to yell and pick at things until I took all the joy out of it. Yay for small wins!

I DID got a picture of the tea party in progress, where they had covered the table in my Great Grandmother's doilies, but I apparently forgot that I should stop walking when I take a picture and it's one big blur.

Here are the completed place mats.

Davis' placemat
Davis'. Notice the stack of tape that's at least a half an inch high. I trimmed off the really long tape that was hanging over the edges so it didn't get stuck to the table.

Moira's placemat
Moira started by putting her jewels in the center, and I mentioned that it might make it hard to actually use as a place mat if it wasn't flat in the middle.

Kelly's placemat
Here is the one Moira made for the baby sitter. Notice the fish, which Moira says Kelly loves since she's from Florida.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What we did last week

Leafy bodice
I've gotten all the vines down on my costume, and now I'm adding leaves. This is turning out exactly how I imagined and I'm so excited.

Moira's lego ship
Moira built this Lego boat all by herself. I took this picture after accidentally knocking it over, so the people are not where she put them.

Painting windchimes
I finally agreed to set this paint your own windchimes set up. I bought it when Davis was a baby and put it away for later. Sadly, it was so much later that Davis really wanted to do his own. We compromised and he got to use the paints that came with it.

Mixed media
This is what he made while Moira worked (and for a good ten minutes after she stopped to do something else). A mixed media work with cut paper, paint, stickers, and staples.

Playing a game
The kids played the game they made up with these cards again. I was surprised how many of their previous rules Moira remembered.

Reading Digger the Dinosaur
Davis sat down and "read" this entire book. He even realized he'd gotten something wrong and backtracked to fix it.

Moira's hipster outfit
Moira put together this outfit, and said it was her "hipster outfit." I asked why she thinks it's a hipster outfit and she said, "because it's so swishy!" I have no idea why she thinks those two things are linked. She's also decided that she really likes "DJ music" and when I asked for examples she mentioned "Me Party" by Amy Addams and Miss Piggy. I may be too old to understand what's cool now.

Making notes
Moira sat down to do some homework and Davis was not happy until the exact same supplies to do his own work. He drew a box around the edge of his paper.

Davis practiced a lot more with scissors. He has rejected the toddler safe scissors, so I had to buy a new pair so the kids would stop fighting over these.

New fort
Moira made another fort with the baby sitter. I need to invest in some better fort supplies for her.

Moira made me some hearts
Moira surprised me one night with a giant pile of heart cards. She has started to sign things with her initials sometimes, instead of just her name. She hasn't gotten the hang of the order they need to go in yet, so sometimes she's signing "HEM."

Welcome Grandpa!
I bought some dot painters and suggested the kids might want to make a "Welcome Grandpa!" banner. They got excited and made a LOT.

Climbing the stairs
Davis decided to climb the stairs on the outside. He was very proud that he made it all the way to the first post before I stopped him.

Playing games
The kids showed Steve how to play their favorite video games. Moira has been calling Grandpa by his name, because Steve is fancier. I told her he was probably sad that she didn't call him something special, so we looked up what the Swedish people call their Grandparents, and he agreed that he'd love to be called Farfar.