Thursday, November 7, 2013

Science activity books we love

I found this book on the shelf at the library right after Moira said she wanted to learn about water, so I took a chance on it. It turns out this and the other two books in the series, Let's Try it Out Towers and Bridges and Let's Try it Out in the Air are great little science lessons perfect for young children. These books are designed to be used in a classroom setting, but it was easy to adapt to an at home thing. It's written in a story book format with a new idea to try covered on each page spread.
Filling the sink
We have checked out both the water one and the one on Towers and bridges. Moira definitely liked the water activities better, and it while it already covered stuff she already knew about water displacement and density, it was a great way to explain more about the scientific process to her. For instance, the first activity was to guess how many cups of water it would take to fill up the sink, so we had to both figure how full we wanted to make it and a way to remember what that point was, and how full we wanted the cups to be and how to tell when we had reached that point. The strange way she's holding her hand was her solution, and she assigned me the task of holding my hand in the same spot on the sink.
Wind storm
Moira was less interested in the towers and bridges books, even though it was actually new information to her. Actually she really liked the beginning where were working with straws and playdough to make towers, and then blocks and paper to make bridges, but I think the ending where we were supposed to combine all of the techniques to build a strong house was a little beyond her. She's never been much of a building kid, and the first couple of activities really stretched her abilities. I suspect that a kid who loves building would have gotten a lot more out of this book.

The other science series we love is the Science Play series by Vicki Cobb. Pictured here is I Face The Wind. There are four books in the series and I think we have them all. I promise we have read them and done the activities it was just long enough ago that I can't find the pictures right now. The activities in these books are a little less linearly connected, which is great because you can concentrate on one or two at a time easier. There is also a little bit more explanation about why things are happening.

What science books have your young children enjoyed?


  1. Rad. We need more activity books to inspire us.

  2. I admit I'm commenting here because of the giveaway (and not even sure how I found the giveaway) but I love this post and am looking up these books in our library system right now! I'm a home educator at the moment and actually a certified teacher with a fancy degree as well, so this will be useful now and in the future (the aspiration is to work at a small private school that meets all our desires and needs someday)! So, consider me sold on your blog. :)

  3. Oh fun! We are going to the library and checking some of these out!