Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mamatography week 47

11/9. Mine
11/9. Mine
Davis is big into stickers right now.

11/10. Book
11/10. Book
A treasure belonging to the Grandma of one of my sewing group friends.

11/11. Memory
11/11. Memory
Moira got this rock at the nature exchange at the zoo, and wanted me to take a picture of it in a special place so she could remember it.

11/12. Clouds
Finished dress
I forgot to take a picture this day, so here is a picture of a super cute dress I made for Moira that she refused to wear. I sent it to Dionna for her little one to grow in to.

11/13. Part Of Me
11/13. Part of Me
I got to take the night off to see Allie Brosh. She drew a picture of a kid in a zebra suit for me.

11/14. Eating
11/14. Eating
Moira at gymnastics class. I have no idea what she's doing.

11/15. In My Pocket/Purse
11/15. In My Pocket//Purse
Davis was pretty clingy for most of our trip to the Hilbub Cultural Center, but he eventually warmed up to it.

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  1. Love it when kids do stickers on the face!

    We've got to do that nature exchange sometime.

    Flying unicorns!