Sunday, September 22, 2013

We went to Disneyland

In Disneyland!
With our friends Pearl and Mirella, in honor of Mirella's graduation from high school. Walker planned the whole thing, so there were many complicated calculations to figure out where was the best place to stay and how to maximize the annual pass he bought so that we could get a discount on food and stuff.
I was a little (lot) worried that Davis would get overwhelmed and refuse to leave the hotel room.
I didn't need to worry. He had a great time. Most days he tried to out last me. He woke up every morning asking for rides. The Teacups were a clear favorite.
He really really liked it. He had a major language explosion, and now has approximately three times as many words as he did before we left, but since he keeps saying new ones, I've lost track.
So bored
Moira had a harder time, because there was a lot of compromising to do about which rides we were going on, and a lot of extra waiting because our group would split up to go on some of the bigger rides.
Mirella and Pearl enjoy the show
There was a lot of new stuff for me this trip. World of Color, which I wasn't expecting to be as amazing as it was, and the new Star Tours ride, which I also loved so much more than the old one. I also got to see the Halloween version of Space Mountain, which I thought was eh. We even managed a new thing for Walker (the Abraham Lincoln thing), who grew up in Anaheim, but still hasn't managed to ride on the Columbia.
Glow cube!
We also surprised Mirella with a special birthday lunch at the Blue Bayou. They have a new drink with a glow cube in it that goes through all the colors in the rainbow.
REady to ride
We timed our trip really well and had virtually no lines until Friday when they were unexpectedly (even for the park employees) swamped by people coming for the Friday the 13th/Halloween party. In fact, our stroller disappeared and along with a free rental, they gave us a special pass to get to the front of one line, but none of the park employees would let us use it because the line wasn't long enough. Even on the Indiana Jones ride.
One last super cute thing! Davis discovered that you can say hello to various characters, and then he ACTUALLY DID IT. Multiple times.
Walker's family joined us for the last two days, and Moira had a great time leading Grammy and Pickle around. She was also really excited that we got to see the parade three times, and the fireworks from our hotel room.

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