Saturday, March 30, 2013

Giveaway: CHOOZE Shoes in Size 7 Toddler - 4 Youth Giveaway $45 {US/Can

This is a joint giveaway with Pineapples & Artichokes and Natural Parents Network. You may enter at one site only. Please find the section marked "Win it!" for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

CHOOZE Shoes is offering our readers a giveaway of a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric, size 7 toddler to 4 youth, a value of $45.

These colorful mary-jane shoes feature different fabric on each shoe and are made of 100% vegan materials.

From our reviewer, Shannon at Pineapples & Artichokes:

CHOOZE shoes is offering our readers a giveaway of a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric, size 7 toddler to 4 youth, a $45 value.

My daughter has refused to wear anything but sparkly, smooth soled shoes for over a year. Since she's also very active, this has caused numerous scrapes and slips as she jumps, climbs, and dances through her life. When I saw these shoes, I had high hopes that these fantastic looking shoes would be fancy enough for her princess side, but with soles that can stand up to her active life style.

I also love that Chooze is designed by a mom with the goal of encouraging creativity in children and that all profits are invested in anti-poverty programs around the world. All CHOOZE shoes are made with 100% vegan materials too!

Our shoes arrived on the first day of spring. Moira loved everything about them: from the box, which is designed to inspire artistic creativity (she is saving it for a rainy day), to the fact that each shoe has a different pattern on them.

She put them on immediately and ran outside to try them out. They are now the shoes she picks out every time she needs to put on shoes, and sometimes even when she doesn't need shoes, although we have convinced her not to wear them in the bathtub or to bed. She also happily reported that they help her run like the wind.

CHOOZE Shoes giveaway - Pineapples & Artichokes

These shoes have held up very well to heavy use. The soles are indeed grippy and have enabled her to walk confidently down one of the very steep hills near our house for the first time. They've even done a good job on a small patch of ice we encountered after a surprise spring snowfall.

I love the bright colors and the fact that each shoe is individual, which would be helpful for a child who was just learning which shoe to put on which foot. My one complaint is that the velcro section on the strap is pretty small, so I'm not sure how adjustable it would be for larger foot widths.

We have all been very happy with these shoes. Moira uses them as a conversation piece everywhere we go. I love that she is happy with some good, sturdy, well designed play shoes. I will definitely be buying more shoes from this great company!

I was just thinking how boring most boys sandals are, and how much foot they cover, so I think Davis will get these rocking sandals, and I might let Moira pick out some flip flops, since she has been hoping that I will buy her flip flops for the last two years.


You can purchase your own CHOOZE shoes at their website. They have a wide variety of styles for all kids and women.

Prices range from $23 to $60 and include everything from flip flops to boots!


For your own chance to win a a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric, (winner can choose from a size 7 toddler to 4 youth) from CHOOZE Shoes, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below.

The winner will receive a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric in their size of choice (this style is offered from size 7 toddler to 4 youth). Contest is open to the US/CANADA residents only.

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Shannon, our former Featured Blogger Editor and current Pinterest Manager, and her husband, Walker, live in the Pacific Northwest with their two children. Baby Davis, who was born this past December, and four-year-old Moira who is a wonderful big sister. Shannon also writes at Pineapples& Artichokes.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamatography Week 12

3/8. Favorite
3/8. Favorite
Davis loves bright colors, especially orange. He was so ridiculously excited when he picked out this sock and shirt combo. Sometimes he just carries those socks around for awhile, because they are so awesome.

3/9. Faceless Self-Portrait
3/9. Faceless Self-Portrait
My costume! Almost complete and minus the shoes. I'm so excited to wear this.

3/10. I Want
3/10. I Want...
A warm nose. This was my first time skiing since before I was pregnant with Moira. It wasn't the best weather, but I still had a blast.

3/11. Important
1/11. Important
Davis would like to let every one know that he is a big kid, and he can do any art Moira can do, and also, we should let him have free access to the snack cupboard.

3/12. In the Distance
3/12. In the Distance
A future where there are hand written stories, and many many other things.

3/13. Sound
3/13. Sound
We made popcorn for a snack. Davis was not a fan of the loud noise.

3/14. Tasty
3/14. Tasty
Sweet and salty hazlenuts. Yum.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

20 Ways to Naturally De-stress When Anxiety Attacks

20 Ways to Naturally De-stress When Anxiety AttacksAnxiety attacks are overwhelming and a little terrifying. Over at Natural Parents Network, I'm wrote a post of 20 ideas to help you fight off panic attacks and regain your equilibrium.

Anxiety attacks are overwhelming and a little terrifying. The symptoms: inability to breathe, a feeling of helplessness, chest pains, a sense of terror, a feeling like you have no control, or that you are about to die. Even minor anxiety can be hard to manage. Much worse is when things start spiraling out of control and you are alone with small people who need you to be in control.

With situational anxiety, or periodic panic attacks, there is a wide range of simple, natural, and often free things you can do to get yourself back on an even keel. The next time you get locked out of your house, you need to take the kids to the emergency room (again!), a treasured item gets broken, or you just find your mood spiraling out of control, here are some ideas to help you manage.

Read more at Natural Parents Network >>

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taking a break!

There's too much for me to do to upload all my pictures this week, and probably next week, so I'm taking a little Mamatography break. Enjoy this picture that will help you imagine what Davis will look like in 12 years.
This is the future

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mamatography, Week 11

3/1. L is For...
3/1. L is For...
(Lesbian) Love. Our Polly Pockets have a LOT of weddings, but there are only two male Pollys in our collection, and they never get to be in the wedding. I'm pretty sure it's because they don't fit in the pretty dresses.

3/2. I Made This
3/2. I Made This!
A quilt for our guest room. I just need to hand sew the binding, but it's been shelved until after Norwescon.

3/3. Key
3/3. Key
You can see why the baby thinks it's a great thing to suck on.

3/4. Lucky
3/4. Lucky
Walker came back from his work trip too sick to go to work, or really help with the kids. So on this day, the three of us decided to go play in a little covered play area and get some energy out. Lucky Davis, there were four Cozy Coupes to play with, so he actually got to ride in one. He liked to climb in over the door and out under the front.

3/5. Under
3/5. Under
I hid from everyone for a little and also hid from the sewing I was supposed to be working on to quilt a little of my house quilt.

3/6. Chair
3/6. Chair
Davis is slowly starting to enjoy chairs, but they are mostly just a vehicle to get to the top of a table. Immediately after this, he found some scissors and tried to figure out how they work.

3/7. Fear
3/7. Fear
We spent Thursday evening at the new Mohai with Lauren and kids. Mikko is afraid of glass elevators, but he insisted that we go all the way to the top floor anyway, and back down in the elevator. Here he is, steeling himself for the downward journey.

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring is Coming, a poem by Moira

Rainbow sky

Butterfly, butterfly,
You're so beautiful,
I love you dearly, as a flower.
I had a pet butterfly in my room.

Ducky, ducky,
Swimming in a pond,
We have rubber duckies in our tub.

Flamingo, flamingo,
Perching up in the water on one leg.

Birdy, birdy,
Flapping your wings,
I wish you would perch on my finger.

Flower, flower ,
You're so beautiful,
We have lots in our yard that we pick for bouquets,
And they smell so beautiful.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep moving

Fusiness drawer
We've been having a rough couple of weeks. Walker had to go to London for work, and we all (except Moira) got sick. Walker had it worst, which was extra fun, I'm sure, while travelling. Add to that Davis not napping very well due to teething, and his attempts to do more and more things, like rearrange the kitchen, take off his shoes, walk up the hill on his own, open doors, play outside with his sister.
Come on!
The good thing is that it's getting warmer and they can play outside, for a little, until we start construction on our future garage. Also, that he is cheerful while he does most of these new things, even when he's sick, he starts laughing as soon as he's had a little cry. When he won't nap, he will play cheerfully with his sister, and she will cheerfully play with him.
Post dinner art attack!
All my attempts to take things easy, and have extra help while Walker was gone failed. Being sick makes extra work. Extra help disappears if you get your helpers sick.
The sartorialist
The best thing from the last couple of weeks is that Davis has started expressing his opinions about what to wear. He likes hats, the color orange, his yellow rain jacket, and socks. The day of this picture, he insisted on wearing two shirts, but I managed to convince him that he couldn't wear two pants. Of course, he giggles whenever he sees something he really wants to wear.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flying baby!

I've been going through my Flickr archives, so I can enter the Natural Parents Network Flickr contest and I found this photo of Moira and Walker.
Flying baby
Which reminded me of this flying baby photo. I am not that Mom, by the way.

I have been politely asked by the people in charge of Natural Parents Network to encourage people to enter the contest by submitting photos, but the way I see it, I'm much more likely to win one of the fabulous prizes if other people don't enter, so I'm not doing that. :)

Mamatography Week 10

2/22. Makes You Smile
2/22. Makes You Smile
Look! It's this photo again because I accidentally posted it instead of the photo I forgot to post for 2/21! Oops!

2/23. A Word
2/23. A Word
Trying out one of the recipes from my Grandma's collection. I've been surprised at how few of these rely on prepackaged things as was the vogue when she was collecting many of them. I wouldn't make this again, apparently I'm not a huge fan of tarragon.

2/24. Cloud
2/24. Cloud
In these parts, the whole sky is frequently one big cloud, with occasional darker clouds layered on top. Fun!

2/25. On Your Bedside Table
2/25. On Your Bedside Table
We don't have a bedside table, because there's a mattress there, and our headboard has storage. This is on top of the headboard.

2/26. Quiet
2/26. Quiet
This is what the big people were doing during quiet time.

2/27. Play
2/27. Playing
Showing off her moves.

2/28. Upside Down
2/28. Upside Down
I made a hat for my costume right before succumbing to a GI illness. It spent a lot of time in this position while I glued things.

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.
We are taking (at least) a photo a day to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!
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