Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WW: Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. Please enjoy some pictures of Children next to Christmas trees.





(No tree picture taken in 2009)


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mamatography week 49

11/23. Simplicity
11/23. Simplicity
My Dad needed a head shot for his ski school pass.

Play with this Freddy!
Not only did I forget to take a picture on this day, I also totally stopped caring about the photo prompts I've been using. I haven't even looked at that calendar for the last two weeks. Since I have no photo from this day, enjoy this bonus photo from Thanksgiving of the kids playing with Walker's cousin's new puppy.

I was trying to get laundry finished and put away so I could pack for our trip the next. I tried multiple times to get the kids set up with activities, but they just kept fighting instead.

Moira was very proud of her solution for how to carry this Barbie in the airport. It was a very secure seat too, I don't think she fell out once.

The day before Thanksgiving (or, as Moira kept referring to it, Thanksgiving Eve) we met up with Walker's Mom and went for a bike ride along the Santa Monica pier, where I saw two people having sex right next to the bike path.

The traditional activity at Walker's family for Thanksgiving is to play video games. Walker and his cousin played Mario Kart, the kids had fun on the tablets, and all the adults played a cooperative game where each of us was a member of a starship crew.

Another vacation, another science museum. Both kids really enjoyed the area that had a bunch of sound mixers set up, and various musical instruments.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Tulalip Celebration

For our third cultural celebration, Jennifer and I planned a lesson about the Tulalip Tribes. She and I have been talking a lot about how to teach kids about native nations in a culturally sensitive way. Her excellent thoughts and suggestions are here.
At the beginning of month, we went to Hilbub Cultural Center in Tulalip, which had come highly recommended. I have to say, it is beautiful and the kids really liked the exhibits. I just wish we had come when the rotating exhibit was open.
Watching the dancing
The kid's favorite part was the model longhouse. We spent half our time in there.
Lushootseet words
Not surprisingly, there is a lot less information available for this then there was for, you know, Mexico. We did find lots of other cool things, like this awesome website that has all sorts of resources for learning the language. Moira thought it was really cool, and we made labels for all sorts of things in the house.
The star of the lunch was the gluten/dairy/seed/nut free fry bread made by Jillyn. She had tested it the night before, and was disappointed that the batch she made at my house wasn't as brown, but it was super delicious, so no one cared. We tried storing them in a cooler, which I had seen recommended on some recipes and that, kept it nice and warm for the whole 3 hours.
Soap canoes
We had a number of activities. The soap canoes were the most universally appealing. It was a lot harder than I had expected, but the kids were committed to it and almost everyone left with a boat big enough for one of Moira's Poly Pockets to ride in.
Jennifer brought the drum, blanket, and photos from her wedding. She explained the meaning behind the different parts of the ceremony, and let all the kids play the drum after showing us how to warm it up.
She also brought the supplies for paper weaving. Most kids did one, and then Moira wove all the leftovers. The kids who made it to Hilbub talked about the similarities between what they were doing and the examples they had on display at the museum.
A longhouse!
The last activity was supposed to be a collage, but I ended up not explaining my plan very much and the children just took the materials and ran in different directions. This was my favorite finished product, a very accurate version of a long house. I was very sad when it went home with it's owner.

Books! Click the title to see the whole list.

Tulalip Kids Books

Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest
5 of 5 stars
This was Moira's favorite book, of the ones we found. After reading this one, she wanted to search out other Raven stories. We also did some play where she was trying to steal the sun.
Sharing Our World
5 of 5 stars
I loved this whole series of books, but since they were board books, I couldn't put holds on them at the library. We happened to find this one. Davis really liked it, and it was interesting to see the modern versions of some of the anima...
Northwest Coast Native Animals
5 of 5 stars
I loved the art in this so much, I bought the coloring book version, even though neither of my kids is in to coloring books right now.
Frog Girl
5 of 5 stars
I love this story, and the art is beautiful. Moira loved figuring out who the underwater people were, and finding all the hidden symbols in their land.
Storm Boy
5 of 5 stars
This is very similar to Frog Girl, and we liked it. It's a little more action packed and looming though, so Frog Girl was better for Moira.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This guy

Davis' latest work
Is 2 years old!
Davis at 2 loves animals, dinosaurs, candy, rice, noodles, puzzles, airplanes, books, and games.
He has already perfected the art of terrorizing his sister with loud shrieks, maniacal laughter, and stomping on her buildings shouting "ruin!"
He is still a super snuggly guy and always quick to repair whatever hurt feelings he's caused with kisses and hugs. He loves a good routine and at bedtime he wants to make sure that everyone is tucked in before he goes to sleep, from his lovie, Boo, to Pearl who is usually no where near ready for bed.
He has already started to tell jokes, from potty humor to knock knock jokes.
His favorite color is orange, followed closely by pink.
I haven't had a chance to get any recent photos uploaded. I've barely done anything for his birthday, and I feel a little guilty about that. But he doesn't care. He's been telling me for over a month that he wants cake for dinner, so that's what he gets (along with a favorite noodle dish). We have presents and a surprise balloon. Most of his favorite people will be here.

Happy birthday little guy!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mamatography week 48

11/16. Hair
11/16. Hair
I dyed my hair teal, but I didn't bleach it first so it was very subtle and hard to get a picture of it.

11/17. 5'O'Clock
11/17. 5'O'Clock
Davis is very in to playing games right now, and sometimes it's the first thing he says to Walker when he gets home from work.

11/18. Mirror
11/18. Mirror
I forgot to take a picture all day, so I took this on my way up to bed.

11/19. Where You Ate Breakfast
11/19. Where You Ate Breakfast
Obviously, I didn't eat breakfast in this closet, but I really wanted to share this picture of the newly embiggined shelves and the more organized canning stuff.

11/20. Communication
11/20. Communication
There was some serious negotiation going on for the right to ride that trike.

11/21. I Wish I Had
11/21. I Wish I Had This
I took Moira and her friend to the Moonpaper Tent Tea Time. I was super jealous of this cabinet full of glitter and found objects.

11/22. Behind
11/22. Behind
We learned about the Tulalip Tribes, and Jennifer brought the things from her wedding ceremony, including this blanket which she and her husband were wrapped in.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013 Gratitude Challenge

Momma Jorje: Gratitude Challenge
Inspired by Momma Jorje (who was inspired by Let's Take The Metro) I wrote a list of 100 things I'm grateful for.

  1. Walker
  2. My health
  3. Moira
  4. Davis
  5. That my home is large enough for my parents and friends to live with us
  6. The NPN volunteers
  7. Having friends who will loan me expensive camera parts
  8. Having friends who love my children
  9. The health of my children
  10. Creativity
  11. Vacation days
  12. Having my dream car
  13. Autumn
  14. Spring
  15. Game nights
  16. My sparkly turquoise phone case
  17. Couches
  18. Blue
  19. Pinterest
  20. Mac and cheese
  21. Onions
  22. Garlic
  23. Steak
  24. Community
  25. Skittles
  26. Quilting
  27. Giant bean bags
  28. Stuffing
  29. Puzzle games
  30. Board games
  31. Video games
  32. Books
  33. Tivo
  34. Two year olds
  35. Brussels Sprouts
  36. The color green
  37. King sized beds
  38. Handmade clothes
  39. Sewing time
  40. Quilt group
  41. The library
  42. Google searches
  43. Cookies
  44. Cheese
  45. Sleeping babies
  46. Comic books
  47. Homeschooling
  48. Electricity
  49. Indoor plumbing
  50. Being able to rent a digital copy of a movie on a whim
  51. Polka dots
  52. Stripes
  53. Fabric
  54. Penguins
  55. Cephalopods
  56. Carousels
  57. The zoo
  58. Science museums
  59. Walkable neighborhoods
  60. Giant tea cups
  61. Orange spice tea
  62. Dandilions
  63. Learning
  64. Canada
  65. Poutine
  66. Having more friends than I ever imagined possible when I was 12
  67. People who embrace my weirdness
  68. Pinterest
  69. Sunscreen
  70. LED lights
  71. My friends
  72. Knock knock jokes
  73. Gravy
  74. Chocolate covered cherries
  75. Sika
  76. Pearl
  77. Mirella
  78. Tillie
  79. Having a close knit, understanding, not pushy, extended family
  80. Holding little hands
  81. Moira shushing Davis so that she can listen to the story about frogs on NPR
  82. Ice cream
  83. Dinner leftovers for breakfast
  84. Water
  85. Music
  86. My body
  87. Hair dye
  88. That my coping mechanisms get more efficient every year
  89. Date night
  90. My belly buddies
  91. Bus passes
  92. Free games
  93. Two Thanksgivings
  94. Five year olds (sorry, five and a HALF year olds)
  95. Nachos
  96. Feet
  97. Kisses
  98. Baths
  99. Flowers
  100. Modern medicine

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mamatography week 47

11/9. Mine
11/9. Mine
Davis is big into stickers right now.

11/10. Book
11/10. Book
A treasure belonging to the Grandma of one of my sewing group friends.

11/11. Memory
11/11. Memory
Moira got this rock at the nature exchange at the zoo, and wanted me to take a picture of it in a special place so she could remember it.

11/12. Clouds
Finished dress
I forgot to take a picture this day, so here is a picture of a super cute dress I made for Moira that she refused to wear. I sent it to Dionna for her little one to grow in to.

11/13. Part Of Me
11/13. Part of Me
I got to take the night off to see Allie Brosh. She drew a picture of a kid in a zebra suit for me.

11/14. Eating
11/14. Eating
Moira at gymnastics class. I have no idea what she's doing.

11/15. In My Pocket/Purse
11/15. In My Pocket//Purse
Davis was pretty clingy for most of our trip to the Hilbub Cultural Center, but he eventually warmed up to it.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mamatography week 46

11/2. I Did This Today
11/2. I Did This Today
Driving back from Vancouver with friends.

11/3. P Is For...
11/3. P Is For...
We went to the mall because Walker and I both needed pants. When Davis saw these he insisted on sitting in each one, but even though he knew what those boxes are for, he didn't insist I make them run.

11/4. Table
11/4. Table
A work table at pottery class.

11/5. I Collect
11/5. I Collect
Sewing projects. I actually sewed the skirt on backwards and had to cut it off to put it on right. Moira wore it once and the lace ripped, so this is still a project.

11/6. Music
11/6. Music
The Squeezebox remote in Moira's room. She likes to crank the volume all the way up.

11/7. Yes!
11/7. Yes!
The kids and I have been trading off being sick, so the box of Barbies I'd tucked away for a rainy day came out. Both kids were enthralled. This Cinderella Barbie was Davis' baby and he took very good care of her.

11/8. Someone I Miss
11/7. Someone I Miss
We very much miss our Eastside friends, but we are starting to figure out how to work seeing them into our schedule on a regular basis.

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.
We are taking (at least) a photo a day to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!

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