Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soaking up the sun

We went to California at the beginning of the month for what is most likely the last first-wedding of Walker's friends. I sincerely hope that Rodney and Michelle had as little family related wedding drama as possible. They certainly seemed to have a lovely time.
Ready to party
I apparently didn't even try to get a good picture of both kids all fancied up. Moira found a party dress at the Goodwill that she insisted on wearing. Then the day of she was worried that people would look down the neck of it (it's still a little too big) so Walker and I taught her to say, "Hey! My eyes are up here!" which she immediately changed to, "My nose is up here!" Davis had an adorable little purple suit bought for him by our friend Pearl. He was most dapper.
Hanging out
Here's a better picture of him being held by a very tall Mole. Moira was too busy playing/eating candy/dancing with me/chewing on glow sticks to have her picture taken.
We decided to make the trip a little longer, and head down to San Diego to go to the Safari Park. The 9 day trip, with a the change for daylight savings was a little too much for both kids, but we managed to have fun.
Friction testing
We went to the Discovery Science Center in Orange, on the drive south. They had a hockey section that was really interesting. Actually they had lots of interesting things.
Daredevil baby
Both kids liked the Bob the Builder area, and did not enjoy the adjacent shuttle launching area.
Baby in relief
Walker had the most fun with the pin wall.
I love going to science centers with Walker. He gets so into it, and he can describe what's happening much better than I can.
Because the trip was so long, I insisted on packing the toys, instead of Moira. She got to add things after I was done, but not take anything out. She's going through this weird phase where she insists she only wants to take one thing with her, no matter the length of the trip, or what we are planning on doing.
Polly Pockets
I need to plan better for the return trip next time, but I did a pretty good job. The big hits of the trip were an original Polly Pocket set (handed down by Pearl), and some mini My Little Ponies. Miniature things seem to be a big hit with Moira lately, and the ponies were big and sturdy enough that Davis could play with them too. We are going on another trip for Thanksgiving, so that's soon enough that I hopefully won't have forgotten what I learned.
I think I'll save the pictures from the Safari Park for another post. This one seems long enough.

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