Thursday, November 1, 2012

Presenting Wind Girl!

Wind Girl!
Much to my excitement, Moira made up her own superhero this year. Wind Girl! She lives in Wind Town, where the native language is Wind. Her powers are recharged by the wind, and her wand can control weather. She started agitating for a cape a couple of months ago, and so it was easy to convince her that this would be a perfect Halloween costume.
On my way!
We drew a picture out together, and after a short period where she wanted all the accessories ever worn by any superhero, she settled on the belt, mask, and wand to complete her outfit. I made everything but the shoes, which was really fun for me.
With the power of wind!
The mask didn't get worn for very long, and the wand got lost while trick or treating, but she had a lot of fun, and was so proud of her costume idea. I was worried that she would be sad once she saw other little girls in princess dresses, but she was perfectly happy.
I failed at getting a picture of both kids together in their costumes. The ones I took inside were blurry, and Davis really wanted to eat the moldy pumpkin when we were outside. This zebra costume was a little too big, but I love how snuggly and cute it is.
Walker took Moira trick or treating at the major Halloween zone near our house. I hope he'll write something about their experience, it sounds epic. Two houses were passing out beer to adults, and three girls were dressed as a polo team on actual ponies. When they got home, Moira announced that the perfect way for her to say goodnight to her candy would be to eat one.
It was a good night.


  1. What an awesome super hero - and what a fantastic costume! Great work. I'm sure she'll wear it all the time.

  2. Now I'm upset that I missed the mask - there was no sign of it when I got home.

  3. Someone asked me if Wind Girl was responsible for Sandy. Has she made any public statement on the matter?

  4. I am so impressed with both of you! I'm glad I get to see the costume in full in these pictures.