Thursday, November 15, 2012

More sun!

What's up there?
We had one day left in San Diego after we went to the Safari Park. Sadly, we were all a little cranky, and despite our best efforts to have a good time, there was a lot of crying and sniping. My favorite cranky moment of the day was Moira "(singing) I hate Daddy! I only love Mommy and a little bit Davis. (speaking) Daddy, do you want to be Aquaman?" Walker declined, even though he agreed that since we were by the ocean it was likely the only episode that Aquaman was going to be useful in.
The big activity of the day was a trip to Balboa park, which is a big collection of museums. We went to the botanical gardens, and wandered the park looking for something that Moira was interested in. She was hard to please, even in the artist's studio place that looked like this.
Colorful pavers
Although the artist that decorated eggs did catch her interest for a little, especially since he gave her a candy.
I hear Daddy!
The carousel and mini train were both closed on weekdays, so we finally settled on the Science Museum. I have to say, we don't use our membership to the Pacific Science Center very often, but we use the heck out of it when we are on vacation thanks to the reciprocal agreement with other museums. Assuming we remember to take the card with us.
The Fleet Mueum is the one we've visited that came closest to PacSci in levels of not awesomeness/broken exhibits, and it has a mock NASA command center in it. So you know, PacSci still loses. It's odd to me that they are always talking about the awards they win in the member news letters. Who is giving them awards?
Spinning the top
The flight home was much crankier then the flight down, but the kids still did great. We are home for a week, and then it's time for our Thanksgiving pilgrimage.

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  1. I came across your blog looking for helpful words about weaning because I'm working up the courage to start lessening my 23 month olds nursing..she is nursing like a banshee lol She is our fourth and last baby and loves nursing more than any of them did! Thank you for your posts :)
    By the way, I live in san diego! So glad you liked our Balboa Park :)