Monday, April 30, 2012

State of the house

What choking hazard?
Our house is starting to not look like this anymore. At least in the main rooms. Davis is saddened by the reduction in easily reached choking hazards, but he has discovered the wonders of chewing on cords, and there are still plenty of those to grab.
Game closet!
I'm really excited by this. I've wanted a game closet since I saw "The Royal Tennenbaums." We need to rip out the original single shelf and bar that are in there now, and then we can get floor to ceiling shelves, but this configuration contains all of our games, except Moira's games, and Arkham, since there are so many expansions it practically needs it's own closet.
I'm staying mostly on track with unpacking at least 2 boxes a day. I'm pretty sure we will be organized enough to have choking and stabbing hazards out of the way in time for Moira's birthday this weekend. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Tasty feet
She get this from me. She does it when she's listening.
Sibling love
Look at the beautiful bebes!
I'm so glad for the gorgeous weather lately.
Library card
Moira got her very own library card. And wrote her name backwards.
Davis is really serious about moving. And about chomping on things.
Unsafe babywearing
Walker swore this was safe. I disagreed.
Good morning
We were both wearing Google shirts this morning. Awww.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I took way too many photos, so look at this collage!

Marine Mammal Mania collage
Originally uploaded by Maydela
(But you may want to click to enlarge it)
We spent 4 hours at the Aquarium yesterday while the movers were at our (old) house. Moira's previous best time was 1.5 hours, and that was with the help of the preschool backpack.
If you live in the Seattle area and are free this weekend or next, I highly recommend visiting the Aquarium for Marine Mammal Mania. There is so much to do, and they were really good about accommodating younger patrons into the activities.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I missed Wordless Wednesday

Because I'm just too busy to blog lately (we move tomorrow, btw, GAH), here are some blurry, oddly posed, and otherwise imperfect pictures.
Fly away!
Davis attempts to take off.
I love how no one is looking at the camera.
Where is Moira
She carried those toys around ALL day. And then tried to leave them in the car when we finally got home.
I <3 boobies
My favorite phone photo from Norwescon.

Wish us luck this weekend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

After passing a construction site

Moira: I want a toy jackhammer, and I will save it to give to my kids when I'm all grown up and live in Arizona. I'm going to marry someone who doesn't push me and we will have three kids.
Me: It's always a good idea to marry a man or woman who won't push you. How will you meet them?
Moira: I will wear a bride dress and water the flowers in my garden until they show up. We will get married in a carriage, and I will throw my flowers to Pickle. Then you and Daddy and Davis and Pickle can come visit us at our house in Arizona.