Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Empathy fail

Me: Oh no, Davy Jones from the Monkees died.
Moira: What?
Me: Someone you don't know died.
Moira: That's good.
Me: What's good?
Moira: That's when you like something.
Me: What did you like?
Moira: That someone died.

Wordless Wednesday: Don't do it!

Hip action
Seriously, it's much too early to be trying to roll over kid. Take a break.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu plan monday

I wasn't really all present this week, as we are very suddenly buying a new house. Walker spent all of Friday over there for the inspection, and I got a taste of what it's going to be like when he goes back to work. I'm going to need to plan easier dinners for awhile.
I totally forgot to make my breakfasts for the week on Sunday, so I'm reusing that plan, eggs and peanut banana squares.

Sunday: Soup
Monday: Dinner out for Mom's birthday
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Nectarine chicken with rice and veggies. I'm going to cook it in the oven though, because our crockpot is too big so last time this got burned.
Friday: Maple salmon with fries and veggies.
Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why we aren't rear facing

Welcome to the "I'm a Natural Parent - BUT..." Carnival

This post was written for inclusion in the carnival hosted by The Artful Mama and Natural Parents Network. During this carnival our participants have focused on the many different forms and shapes Natural Parenting can take in our community.


I could talk about a lot of things for this carnival. Weaning my daughter before she was ready, hating co-sleeping, feeding her junk food, among many others. But I don't feel like less of a Natural Parent for those things. I can accept that they work or don't work for our family and are valid choices to make.
Silly mommy!
But there's one thing I am always afraid to admit, so that's what I'm going to talk about. We turned Moira around in her car seat when she was one. I've had people stop talking to me at play dates when I admitted it, and most of the parents I know are avid supporters of extended rear facing, so you can see why I'm a little gun shy.
I'm going to assume that by now you all know that it's a good idea to keep your kid rear facing until at least 2, longer if you can. If not, read this. I agree with everything in that article, but here's the thing. I turned Moira around as soon as legally allowable in this state. I did that knowing full well that she was more likely to die or get seriously hurt in a car accident. If the legal age in Washington had been 2, I don't know what we would have done, other then stop going anywhere. Because she cried in the car, all the time, unless someone was sitting next to her, and frequently she would still cry. There was nothing I could do from the drivers seat that would stop her from crying, although I still drove one handed most of the time so she could suck on my finger WHILE she cried.
Probably this was just temporary, and if I'd waited she would have grown out of it and returned to being a happy passenger. I will never know. But I don't regret my decision. She was miserable. I was distracted. I was almost involved in a number of accidents because I was distracted. And as much as she was safer facing backwards, she was more safe if we didn't get in an accident in the first place. I have every intention of keeping Davis rear facing for as long as possible.
Every time there is a new article about extending rear facing, it circulates through my friends on Facebook. And then some one links to an article about why there are never any good reasons for turning your child around, usually with some sort of "what will it take to convince you?" in the comments. And the answer is nothing. I'm already convinced, but it didn't and doesn't matter.
This is the worst way to convince someone. Especially someone who made a different decision. People who feel attacked dig in their heels, and shut out your more reasonable arguments. I can (but won't) link to similar articles about the AMA or AAP's stance on homebirth (are you crazy?) and vaccines (do it now or we will all die!). In both cases they aim to convince a smallish section of the population do something they think will keep them alive longer, but I know for a fact that their arguments don't convince their target audience of anything. I'm a proud home birthing, alternative vaccine scheduling, not rear facing mama. I made these choices after research, based on what worked best for our family. I will make some decisions different this time around, but I'm not going to let anyone shame me into making those different decisions.

(Full disclosure. I started writing this almost a year ago, and then got too nervous to post it. I'm glad this carnival gave me the nudge I needed.)


I'm a Natural Parent — But … Blog CarnivalThis carnival was created by The Artful Mama and Natural Parents Network. We recognize that "natural parenting" means different things to different families, and we are dedicated to providing a safe place for all families, regardless of where they are in their parenting journeys.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What happens when you take 3 babies, a toddler, and a preschooler to a tea house?

Cuteness! And no breakage!
Davis and his belly buddy L3. Look at the chub!
Steve and AlrikYummy spoon
Alrik with Daddy and Amarys. Many things were tasted. I even tasted an egg salad sandwich for the first time and liked it.
Mikko with cookieArpita
Mikko and Arpita.
Many cookies were consumed and much laughter happened. Thank you Arpita for suggesting we get together in the short time you were in Seattle!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu plan monday: Back in the saddle

I took last week off of planning while Walker and Moira were gone. I managed to do a fair amount of cooking on my own, which I was impressed by. But now they are back, and we all need to eat.

Breakfast: Eggs and peanut butter oat squares

Sunday: Cornbread for potluck
Monday: Chickpea patties and kale salad
Tuesday: Roast chicken, potatoes, and veggies
Wednesday: Tuna noodle casserole
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Sausages, fries, and veggies
Saturday: Soup

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Davis at 2 months

Month 2
He had his checkup on Monday, here are the stats:
Weight: 12lbs 10z
Height: 24"

He is in the 75th percentile for height, but only the 25-50% percentile for head size. He is a tall skinny kid. We might have to move up to the 6-9 month clothes soon, just because he's reaching the height limit for his current wardrobe.

He loves the picture Moira hung above his changing table. If he's fussy when I put him down, that picture will usually elicit a smile.

He has started bicycling his legs, and has even gotten his pelvis to tilt a couple of times.

He prefers to sleep lying still, in a dark, quiet room.

He really likes staring at lights.

He has also discovered he can control his tongue. I took some pictures, but my laptop is infected with malware, and I'm waiting to do a system restore before I get the pics off the camera.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm going to take him to his very first movie today. We'll see if he'll sleeps at all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Surf: Things for me to think about

Dear Lego, I wasn't surprised when Lego came out with their "girl legos." I have, however, been very disappointing with their response to the backlash, especially their responses to the actual little girls writing in to request changes. Since this was posted, Lego has agreed to meet with SPARK and some other organizations to talk about how they can better serve girls. I hope they are willing to listen.

Learning to Respect Everyone's Needs, This is something we've been struggling with lately. Moira will break down completely when we ask for something like quite nicely and she doesn't listen, so one of use either loses their temper, or removes the problem. I'm hoping that a discussion of OUR needs will help to lessen the number of times where she screams "You hurt my feelings!"

Easy Tips for Successful, Stress Free Field Trips, I need to get more brave about doing trying to organize field trips. Hopefully I can take these tips to heart.

Why is Pinterest Spamming Your Facebook Friends?, This is a huge shame.Using access to people's contacts without asking permission first is a shady business indeed.

Honest and Genuine, a great post from Teacher Tom about how he thinks showing how you handle your emotions is much more effective then authoritarian parenting.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleepy baby

Walker and Moira are at Disneyland until next Friday. Davis seems to be enjoying not having so much going on, and has been spending most of his time sleeping by himself for hours. I've tried to explain that this is not a sustainable practice for a second child, but he doesn't believe me. Oh well, I hope he enjoys it while it lasts.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My babies

Davis would like to show off the teeniest tiny bit of his smile.
Baby smile
Since he only smiles when one of us is making faces at him, it's hard to catch on camera.
My favorite onesie
I've also been trying to catch his pouty face, but that's even harder because he only makes it seconds before he starts screaming at full tilt.. This is not at all it, but it kind of looks like it. (Here is Moira in the same onesie.)

In other news.
Where did this kid come from? She's so grown up lately. I can't believe she'll be 4 soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

We had Moira retested for her food intolerances and she is free to eat wheat, dairy, and pineapple again. We still plan to keep those foods out of rotation in our home for the foreseeable future because there is a possibility that having too much of those things is what caused the problem in the first place. However, we can relax for parties and eating out, so that will be nice.
Walker and Moira are going to Disneyland on Wednesday, which will also be easier with her being able to eat those things. It also means that my meal plan for the next week and a half will probably be heavier on the takeout. I'm going to try cooking without the help of another adult around, but that will depend on how the baby is doing, as he's been having the occasional day of super crankiness.

(Image included at Jennifer's request.
Breakfast for me all week: Egg pie and chocolate strawberry muffins

Sunday: Mexican casserole
Monday: Crockpot apricot chicken (with nectarine jam instead of apricot), with rice, and veggies.
Tuesday: Fiesta corn & potato chowder
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday:Leftovers (or take out)
Friday: Panzanella
Saturday: Steak, fries, and veggies.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Surf: Books, toys, and pins

I'm very behind on my reading this week, and I thought I hadn't linked much, but I guess I was wrong.

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI'm joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

Island of Misnamed Toys. Moira hasn't named many of her toys, but her penguin pillow pet is named "Kitten."

A Review of Robert Munsch. This is one of the many reasons I love Robert Munsch.

Pinterest Succeeds by Giving Ladies What They Want. "A new study finds that Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace."

In Spite Of. I think this holds true in most alternative communities. I turned out okay "in spite of" not going to college, being in the SCA, having a homebirth. When in reality I just turned out okay, and the decisions I made to get here probably had less to do with that then you would think.

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