Thursday, January 19, 2012

Early mornings

Last night was tough, with a power outage adding extra steps to bedtime prep, and the power coming back on waking up Moira around 4am. Even though she's started sleeping a little later since Walker has been home for paternity leave, it still seemed way too early when she was ready to get up.
To buy us an extra 15 minutes, I suggested she get her camera and take pictures of all the red things she could find.
Moira's red hunt
She was frustrated when we came into the living room because the camera wasn't working. I checked it out and then held a bunch of red things for her while she stood across the room and took pictures. None of those turned out because the little flash isn't strong enough to reach that far, so I was surprised to find all of these photos when I cleaned off the camera tonight.
I think I should start letting her look at the photos as when I take them off the camera. The close up photos she's taking are getting better and better (just look at this, but most of the pics she takes of people she is standing as far away as possible, and it just doesn't work.
Anyway, I give this distraction technique/learning opportunity two thumbs up. We'll see how tomorrow morning goes, she may be hunting for a different color.


  1. What a great idea! Will be stealing…

  2. An excellent idea to sidetrack the Lil One long enough to get ourselves settled in morning. Game on! :)