Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things that are awesome right now

Moira and Walker brought back Pie for me. The peach/cherry was super fantastic.

My laptop is fixed and we can pick it up tomorrow!

Warm outfit.
Moira's outfits are getting better and better. She wouldn't let me take a picture of her after nap outfit (red polka dot leggings, floral corduroy jumper, inside out and backwards striped sweater dress, frog boots). In the picture above she is wearing a baby sweater (maybe size 9m?) knit by my great grandmother that has been used as doll clothes since I was a kid. Over a sweatshirt. Why? Because Ithaqua had been wearing it earlier, and she is pregnant so she needs to wear her husband's clothes now.
She got that idea from one book, and despite her hopes, I haven't started doing it. Probable because Walker and I wear roughly the same sized clothing, so I'm outgrowing his at the same rate as mine. Also, I bought, you know, actual maternity clothes.

Tomorrow I get to meet some of these fabulous people! I am of course anxious and made too much food for my potluck contribution. We've been exchanging nervous secrets in preparation for the get together, which I guess means a game of "I never" is right out.

I'm finally taking a combination of supplements that mean I feel slightly less miserable. Now if I would just look a little more pregnant. My dentist asked me if I'd already had the baby. I managed not to kick him.

Moira is full of fabulous ideas lately. She is dead set on us having a lesson where we make watercolors and bake them in the oven. Maybe this is what we will do for Christmas presents this year. She also likes to tell me sad stories now. My favorite so far is "My best friends Eve and L are dead. It's very sad that they are dead. Now they can't play and I have to find new ones."

She also listed off about 6 kids we see regularly as her "Extra super special bestest friends ever!"

Her anger at boys seems to have been cured, after one incident with a friend's very sensitive boy whose feelings were hurt when she didn't want to play with him. She's even decided that Jahleel, (the boy she blames for everything any boy does) is okay and has started happily inviting him into her games.

She would really like our house to burn down so she can meet firefighters. I keep telling her that we can meet them without losing our home, but she doesn't believe me.

What is this?
She is into Halloween this year! She fell in love with this haunted house foamy kit and has been playing with it ever since we put it together. We can walk near the Halloween section of any store without complaint! She's still not sure trick or treating is a good idea, but I'm sure once she sees the candy, she'll change her mind.

The baby is big enough to start pushing against my ribs. That's more uncomfortable then awesome, but! It means the baby is also old enough to roll to the middle of my belly when I take a bath. Moira did this too and the triangle belly always amused me. This kid doesn't have the stamina that she did, as it usually gives up after a few seconds and slumps back into it's preferred spot on the right. Moira would stay there until I got out of the water.

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  1. Ha ha, I totally know the crazy toddler/preschooler outfits! That happens a lot around our house.

    I am impressed with your restraint at the dentist! Geesh!

    I think my girls would love that Halloween house too! Looks fun!