Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday Surf

A few things I found interesting this week (and last week too).
A Fuller Understanding of the Light, toddlers are rough when playing, but only because they are trying to understand the world, not because they are mean.
What can Happen When we use the Word Fat, insulting your body is damaging to you, your kids, everyone. Please stop.
A Google calendar of Caspar Babypants shows which Walker put together with the information from his website. If you are local and have kids, you can pretty much go see a Caspar show any day of the week, most weeks.
Why are Adults Allowed to say Shit but Kids Aren't? I've always planned on allowing any language as long as it's being used in the right context, and not thoughtlessly.
A Lanolizing Tutorial by Amy at Anktangle, just in time as I was trying to explain this process to Walker and not doing a super great job.

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