Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preschool is fun

Despite starting the day off on completely the wrong foot (Totally my fault, I am apparently skilled at taking a happy, bouncy morning and turning it into sadness and anxiety. Go me?) and Moira being worried about having to share her toys with her friends during school day, the lesson I planned was a big hit.
Pasting on pictures
We made direct ancestor family trees (I premade the layouts for each kid, as everyone had a slightly different family configuration.) and pasted pictures of our loved ones on them. I'd have loved to include aunts and uncles, but unless everyone only had one sibling with no kids, that wouldn't fit on a single posterboard. The older kids were interested in putting the pictures on and talking about when and where people were born. The youngest participant didn't quite get it, but he was excited to take his "Grandma picture" home with him, after his Dad did the work.
Where we were born
We also drew circles around the places people in our families were born. We pretty much should have just drawn a giant circle around the Seattle area to encompass all the different cities in a 20 mile radius where people were born. (Not shown, the circle in Germany where my Dad was born, he was the only one born off this continent.)
I have to say, I think our little home based preschool is going well. There was a bunch of screaming today (mostly created by Moira), and someone had to leave early due to not listening, but this is the fifth get together and I was surprised at how well everyone was getting along before. Hopefully next week will be calmer. I'll certainly try to start our day next Wednesday with significantly less nagging. Moira is loving the lessons every week, and has now twice fallen asleep after a class, I think because she's concentrating so hard on what she's learning.


  1. Sorry there was stress involved, but it sounds like the kids had a great time overall. :D

  2. That sounds like a really fun project! I might have to grab that idea.