Thursday, October 27, 2011

The only thing missing here is a jarred squid.

I have been bemoaning the fact that I can't rustle up the energy to sew, and that among my currently neglected projects is a quilt for the baby, with blocks already sewn by members of the quilting bee I was most recently in.
This Monday was my quilt group meeting, and they presented me with this lovely quilt! They decided to make jars of things, because I was deep in canning season when they planned it. I'm overwhelmed by their generosity. Also in the works is a quilt made with squares decorated at my baby shower, so really, I'm totally off the hook on quilting for this kid for at least 10 years.
I have to say that while we had local friends when I was pregnant with Moira, I've found much more of a community up here. All the support and help and amazingly thoughtful gifts has helped this be a much happier pregnancy then my first. Even through all the exhaustion and not being able to eat. Thank you to everyone who has helped me or thought of me in the last few months.


  1. Wow, that is beautiful! What a fun idea.

  2. that is an amazing quilt! what a blessing to have such kind souls in your circle. i'm so glad that you have so many people taking care of you :D