Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The hours of time I've sunk into Pinterest have already paid off!

Our homeschool preschool was cancelled this morning, but I figured Moira and I should do a lesson anyway, as she always wakes up excited for school on Wednesdays. I pinned this Does It Dissolve? from The Picky Apple just last night, and it seemed perfect. We did xantham gum, coffee, tea, corn meal, corn starch, sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, and baking powder. Of those, three half dissolved, two dissolved all the way, and the didn't dissolve at all.
After, I suggested we write down our observations, and she enjoyed that for about 5 minutes and then got really upset that I had written in her notebook. I made the suggestion that we could buy a special notebook for school, to write about what we did, and she liked that idea for about 5 minutes and then decided that would be upsetting too, and maybe we should buy her a new school notebook and NOT write in it. I suggested that if she didn't want me to write in a new notebook, we just wouldn't buy one.
What I have learned from this lesson is that hands on activities are always welcome, but we may have to wait until she can write to make any notes.


  1. What a fun activity! Also, I couldn't help but smile at Moira's suggestion to buy a school notebook, but not write in it :)

  2. What we did with that age is to let the child write/draw their own notes and then add adult labels (as accepted). The composition notebooks are great for that use. If you don't ever get to add the labels that's fine too, it is the process of the scientific observation that is being taught.