Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello oxytocin!

Through an accident of scheduling, I only spent about 4 hours with Moira yesterday, and by the end of the day, I was really missing her. We made up for it today, as Walker was gone racing, so we had a whole extra day together. These days have been really hard for me while pregnant because I was pretty much spending the weekends napping and staring into space so that I can be present during the week. This time, it was a joy, partly because I'm feeling so much better lately, and partly because I missed her. Also partly because we slept in until 8:30 this morning.
Hay ride
There was also a get together with friends at a local pumpkin patch, and having a thing to do, and people to talk to always makes the day better. I even had the presence of mind to request that someone take a picture of us together, which hasn't happened in awhile. Especially a photo where I don't look like a zombie.
Shelling beans
All the kids who tried shelling beans were really into it. We literally had to bribe them with pony rides to get them to be willing to move on. These were Christmas beans, which I'd never heard of , but there were three distinct colors that could be in the bean, so it was a little surprise each time.
Moira was even willing to touch the dirty pumpkins in the field this time, although not enough to actually find one she could carry back to the wagon. Maybe next year, when she has more upper body strength. I promised her she could go out with Walker later and he would help her get a pumpkin, since lifting the one I picked out was way too hard for me.
Holding hands
This was my favorite part. Most of the time we were going anywhere, she was holding hands with one or two other kids. I love watching her relationships with the kids we know grow and expand. Sometimes knowing that we are going to see one of her "Very bestest friends ever" (a list that usually includes anyone we've seen in the last week) is enough to turn a cranky morning into a happy one.

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