Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiny flowers

Mariah's quilt
This quilt started with a charm pack I got in a swap. When I was looking for back and border fabrics I looked at a bunch of different stores for the line and I couldn't find any, but almost a year later, I noticed Pacific Fabrics has a bunch now. Sigh.
I used the charm pack and some other muted pinks creams and yellows and sewed them into nine patches, which I whacked apart to make into disappearing nine patches. I kind of forgot to pay attention to how I was laying them out though, so I ended up with this cross configuration instead, which I like. Then, I decided I wanted it t be rectangular rather then square, so I made strips of four patches to go in between the rows.
I decided to give free motion quilting another try. It worked better then my last attempt, although I still have issues with wrinkles on the back. I'm hoping that that will be something that I can work out as I get used to it like matching corners. This swirly loopy pattern seems to be the only free motioning I can make. I tried out a couple of loopier patterns and had to rip them all out.
I don't have an address for the recipient of this quilt, but I have heard rumors that we will see her father this summer, so I may wrap it up and give it to him. Overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out, even though I'm not a fan of the shabby chic color palettes.