Thursday, June 10, 2010


For now, instead of starting a separate blog, I'm just going to add a list of my finished quilts (the ones for other people, I didn't add the ones I've made for our general use.) and I can't seem to find one for the quilt I made for my sister.
Mika's Quilt
This is not the best picture (hello focus!), but it's what I have. I started this quilt when I was on my road trip in 2000 and staying with my boyfriend's family for a few months in Virginia. His mother was also a quilter, and she was totally a bad influence. I used purples and cream fabric, mostly florals and Japanese prints, except for the center squares which is a cat fabric, which I tea dyed because it originally had a white background. Yes, the block really is centered on the cat squares. Looking at it now, it looks more like the cats are part of the sashing, and the square in square effect is the block. I designed the block myself with graph paper and the inspiration of one of those "101 quilt block" books.
Mika's Quilt
I hand pieced the whole top, except for the borders, mostly because when I started, I obviously didn't have a sewing machine with me when I started. How cool would it be to have a motorcycle mounted sewing machine though? I'm sure that wouldn't have annoyed the driver AT ALL. It didn't take as long to do as I expected, certainly not compared to how long it's taken me to hand quilt Sika's quilt. This was my first try at quilting anything larger then a twin and I did it before I had a stitch regulator. I don't have a picture of the back, but it doesn't look as bad as it should.
I actually managed to keep this a surprise until I gave it to Mika. That's probably why there's no post about it. I am not good at pulling off surprises and I hate receiving them, even good ones. Birthday and Christmas are always hard for me to get through gracefully. I'm glad I kept this secret though, and that she likes it.

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