Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm proud too, kid

We went to the zoo today. When we were a quarter of a mile away, Moira said "I don't see the zoo! Hmmmmm...."
"We'll have to keep looking," I said.
"Keep eyes open, look for zoo," said Moira. Then she was quiet for awhile.
When we got to the entrance to the back of Woodland park (which is against the back of the zoo.) she suddenly proclaimed "I see zoo!" and pointed. Then, "I proud."
"You're proud that you found the zoo?"

Moira outlasted the other kids we met at the zoo, which is a first. As I was tricking her into heading towards the exit, we passed a game they had set up. You took a card with an animal's picture on the front and on the back was a pictorial shopping list of the things that animal eats. Then you went shopping through their (pretend food) farmer's market. There were a couple of different levels they had set up so that kids of all ages could play which was nice. Moira just grabbed stuff and I tried to direct her to only get things on the list, but the older kids had money and were supposed to pay attention to how local and sustainable different things were. I forgot how much more interactive the zoo is during the summer.

She's figuring out emotions lately. She's got the hang of sad, worried, sick, hungry, happy and apparently, proud. I blame worried on the Paddington's feelings book. I've been encouraging disappointed, thirsty, hungry and tired, but they aren't eally things she's worried about communicating in anything other then a full tilt screech yet. That's fine, we'll get there.

She is still convinced that food is always hot, cold or spicy. I can't get her to understand the concept warm yet, which is silly.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Daddy love

43: Laughing
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A couple of weeks ago, Moira started asking us to "Pick you up!" whenever she wanted to be held. I thought it was cute, but Walker decided she should get the grammar right and so now she says it right.
They spent a couple of hours over the weekend mowing the lawn. Before they went outside she told me, "I worried." About the noise the lawnmower makes apparently. But it wasn't enough to make her stay inside with me.
We spend much of the day during the week talking about where Daddy is. Daddy is at Google. Daddy come home soon. Tomorrow Daddy stay home. When I asked her if she wanted to go to the farmer's market with me, she said yes, but only if Daddy came with and pushed her in the stroller. I love this Daddy love, and think it's very cute, but I'm sure it's wearing a bit, since I remember how hard it was when everything was all about me.

Today didn't start so well. Moira woke up crying and continued to be sad about everything. We missed my appointment with the chiropractor but made it in time for her to get two shots. She actually handled the shots pretty well, after a few minutes deciding that we should go to gym class and stopping crying. Sadly, I forgot that gym class is closed this week, so there were some tears about that. The afternoon seems to be working out better for both of us.

On the way to the Dr's office, she asked for her wallet, which was lying on the floor of the car. When I gave it to her, she announced that she was getting her card (an expired Passport dining card) out and she was going to "Pay card two Dr's office!" As soon as we walked in to the clinic, she handed her card to the receptionist. She'll be very sad when she finds out that Dr McKracken doesn't actually take cards. I reminded her after she started to calm down post shot and she handed it to Dr Zorin too, who immediately went over to run the card through her machine and then got confused when it didn't actually work.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Darn her agreeable nature!

Steampunk music quilt
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I was going to write a post about this fabric, collected for the Steampunk music quilt I'm making for a friend of my sister's who has been very helpful. See the black and white fabric? It doesn't go with the rest of them, and I knew it wouldn't, but Mika was hoping that the big print on the bottom would tie them all together when it showed up.
I was going to ask you if you agreed that I should tea dye it so it goes better, but Mika just agreed with me, so now I don't need to convince her.
Now I have nothing to write about.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday: Moira edition

Moira loves to have me sing the happy birthday song now. She also loves to go the PCC and pick out her free piece of fruit. On our way to pick strawberries today, she started singing, "Happy birthday PCC!" I'm not sure what we should get them.
We have little wild strawberries growing in a few place in our yard. I've been trying to explain to Moira that we eat the red ones, not the green ones. Instead of picking the partly red ones, as most of the young kids at the strawberry patch today were doing, she likes to pick the greenest one she can find. Then she eats it. Then she picks another.
Walker is going to an Iron Maiden concert tonight and Moira is not pleased. So far she has said she's going with him, that he's staying home and she's going with Joe (have fun!) and that she's going by herself. Today she's insisting that Daddy packed a suitcase for the concert, but he'll still be home to put her to bed. She looks at me funny when I tell her neither of those is true.
She 'called' Walker on the phone today and when I asked what he was saying, she said that he's coming home to mow some of the lawn. That sounds much more fun then a silly concert doesn't it?
Moira still doesn't stay asleep for her whole nap. I tried just getting her up when she woke up the first time for awhile, but then she was cranky and she started waking up earlier in her nap. With the new sleep training clock, I've decided to try only playing Plants vs Zombies with her if she stays asleep until the clock is green. It didn't work yesterday, but today I cheated and set the clock to start being green only an hour after she fell asleep. She woke up at her usual time (an hour and a half) and we played for a bit. Now to see if we can get that time to stretch out a bit. If this works, I may try it with night time too.
Bribery is good right?

There's more randomness here. Have fun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yee haw

Colton's quilt
I don't have too much to say about this quilt. It's one of the quilts I made with these scraps. It's simple nine patches all of the same fabric, and the fabric for the sashing is from an old sheet.
This is for another nephew. His brother already has his quilt, so I should get this sent out ASAP.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A hunting we will go

Taylor's Hunting Lodge quilt
This quilt is Walker's nephew, the brother of this niece. I was worried about what to make for a 10 year old boy, most of fabric is girly or childish, and I've never met him (or his sister), so I don't know what he's in to.
I dug through my scraps and sent the few older boyish scraps I could find, a few camo strips, some green hand dyed triangles and some forest animal print squares. I sent them off to the Stash Busting Bee International and asked for hunting lodge themed squares.

Back of Taylor's quilt
What I got back totally overwhelmed me. It's hard to pick favorites, of course, but the bright blue block with a tree and the sun stood out. The color palate stood out too, and I decided I would make some blocks with the extra fabric the ladies generously sent back with their blocks and some of mine and add a little more of that bright blue.
I had a hard time finding the right sashing and backing fabrics for this. I bought twice as much fabric as I ended up needing, because I couldn't make up my mind. I'm really happy with what I eventually chose. I especially like the cream fabric which has a contour map of water printed on it.
I quilted it with random diagonal lines, an idea I saw most recently at Film in the Fridge. She did both directions, but I only wanted to run the lines in one direction.
I'm happy with how it turned out. I definitely lean in the novelty fabric direction when left to my own devices, and this has plenty of novelty fabrics in it, but it was also fun to play with more tonal things for both of these quilts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiny flowers

Mariah's quilt
This quilt started with a charm pack I got in a swap. When I was looking for back and border fabrics I looked at a bunch of different stores for the line and I couldn't find any, but almost a year later, I noticed Pacific Fabrics has a bunch now. Sigh.
I used the charm pack and some other muted pinks creams and yellows and sewed them into nine patches, which I whacked apart to make into disappearing nine patches. I kind of forgot to pay attention to how I was laying them out though, so I ended up with this cross configuration instead, which I like. Then, I decided I wanted it t be rectangular rather then square, so I made strips of four patches to go in between the rows.
I decided to give free motion quilting another try. It worked better then my last attempt, although I still have issues with wrinkles on the back. I'm hoping that that will be something that I can work out as I get used to it like matching corners. This swirly loopy pattern seems to be the only free motioning I can make. I tried out a couple of loopier patterns and had to rip them all out.
I don't have an address for the recipient of this quilt, but I have heard rumors that we will see her father this summer, so I may wrap it up and give it to him. Overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out, even though I'm not a fan of the shabby chic color palettes.

Evelyn's big day

Evelyn's big day
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of playing with our friend Evelyn while her mother and father were a little busy. It was such a joy to watch the two girls learn from, encourage, and take care of each other. In addition to general play they made art, played with play dough, had snacks, took a walk, picked flowers, threw rocks, hugged, played with bubbles, pretended to sleep, jumped on the bed and sang songs, all in the three hours between our arrival at home and Walker's getting home from work.
I only had to remind them not to throw rocks at each other once. The only other accidents were from overly enthusiastic hugs and hand holding. We generally discourage jumping on the bed, but as soon as I would convince one of them to stop, the other would start, so I decided in this case, they were right and this was the best activity.
Evelyn was never worried. Mom and Dad have been getting her ready for today for awhile, and every time she got a little concerned, all I had to do was remind her that baby brother was coming. She even got a little annoyed when we heard the garage door open and Moira started shouting "Daddy!" because she thought it might be HER Daddy and that would mean she didn't get to take a bath with Moira.
Not that she ended up getting a bath here. While I made dinner, Walker read stories, spun them on my desk chair and they played with Moira's new doll house furniture. Moira kept a careful eye on Evelyn's progress during dinner and every time it looked like Evelyn was done, Moira would try to jump down so they could get back to playing.
We decided to take them out to Peaks for dessert. It took a little too long for poor Moira, after the busy weekend where bedtime was delayed for hours past normal both nights and no nap that day. She started screaming because we didn't let her climb into her carseat by herself, which in Lindsey's mini van was not physically possible for her. We eventually calmed her down by playing Raffi on Walker's cell phone. Less then a minute later, both girls were asleep.
They did not stay asleep when we tried to get them into the house, but we decided that meant no bath time tonight. Instead we had stories, and right when I was trying to see if Evelyn was really going to be willing to sleep at our house (she loved the idea of a pajama party, but I don't know if she actually knew what that was), we got the message that Henry was born. It took me three tries to get everything out of the house into the car, which meant that I kept waking Moira up as I ran back in for the things I'd forgotten.
I will leave you with some videos. (I took a lot of videos, children playing together is irresistible to me.)

The Wheels on the Bus


Playing tag

Thursday, June 10, 2010


For now, instead of starting a separate blog, I'm just going to add a list of my finished quilts (the ones for other people, I didn't add the ones I've made for our general use.) and I can't seem to find one for the quilt I made for my sister.
Mika's Quilt
This is not the best picture (hello focus!), but it's what I have. I started this quilt when I was on my road trip in 2000 and staying with my boyfriend's family for a few months in Virginia. His mother was also a quilter, and she was totally a bad influence. I used purples and cream fabric, mostly florals and Japanese prints, except for the center squares which is a cat fabric, which I tea dyed because it originally had a white background. Yes, the block really is centered on the cat squares. Looking at it now, it looks more like the cats are part of the sashing, and the square in square effect is the block. I designed the block myself with graph paper and the inspiration of one of those "101 quilt block" books.
Mika's Quilt
I hand pieced the whole top, except for the borders, mostly because when I started, I obviously didn't have a sewing machine with me when I started. How cool would it be to have a motorcycle mounted sewing machine though? I'm sure that wouldn't have annoyed the driver AT ALL. It didn't take as long to do as I expected, certainly not compared to how long it's taken me to hand quilt Sika's quilt. This was my first try at quilting anything larger then a twin and I did it before I had a stitch regulator. I don't have a picture of the back, but it doesn't look as bad as it should.
I actually managed to keep this a surprise until I gave it to Mika. That's probably why there's no post about it. I am not good at pulling off surprises and I hate receiving them, even good ones. Birthday and Christmas are always hard for me to get through gracefully. I'm glad I kept this secret though, and that she likes it.

Moira DOESN'T recommend

Moira hasn't really been into reading lately. Preferring instead to do more imaginative play and also to try and convince me to play Plants vs Zombies with her. She is really into The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, at bedtime. She's so in to it right now that when we were talking to Walker this morning and we told her he would be home in time to put her to bed tonight, her first response was "Hat?"
Anyway. She has her first recommendation for a book you shouldn't read. Goodnight Bush by Erich Origen. My parents have a copy and the last time she was over there, they read it to her. The next time she asked for Goodnight Moon, when she saw the cover she started crying "No night Bush!" She is still bringing it up occasionally, completely unprovoked. Sorry, Nain and Grumpy, she's just not ready for political satire yet.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just another sunny day

A beautiful summer day in Seattle
We have had a remarkably wet summer so far. It balances out the big stretches of warm, sunny weather we had in Spring. Today was impressively manic with torrential downpours and then beautiful blue skies for a few minutes and then more rain.
Shortly after nap, I noticed that the sky was blue again and suggested to Moira that we go get the mail. By the time she decided that was a good idea, the sky was grey, so we started collecting boots and rain coats. By the time we got outside it was pouring buckets. Moira stopped right here and watched me go the rest of the way while she told me the rain was 'Owie.'
So much fun.
She didn't want to come back inside when I got back though. I let her take her time and she discovered the downspout on our porch. Moira is really into playing with water lately, especially holding her hand under running water, so this was great fun. When she noticed her glove was (gasp!) wet, I was able to convince her to come back inside. We were both soaked. Who needs a water wall when we have unseasonable rain?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Play time

22: Kitty bus
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I've been feeling uninspired about blogging lately. Most of the reason is an increased creative effort on my part in both playing with Moira and getting projects in my sewing room finished so I can clear up space.
I have a few Moira toys I want to make where the first step was drawing so we spent time last week drawing together. She's also starting to care when I explain what she can and cannot touch in the sewing room, and will happily sit on my lap while I sew for a few minutes. Hopefully I can finish the fishing game while Walker is in Mountain View this week.
I started hiding things in her bean box, and while she understands the concept of closing her eyes so I can hide them, she just puts her fingers on her eyelids and stares at me.
I had set a goal that I had to finish three of the mostly finished quilts in my sewing room before I was allowed to assemble another top. I finished them this weekend, but I also got two more tops assembled while I was putting off the hand sewing. It's amazing how much faster that goes if you do if you are chatting to friends while you do it.
I've been thinking of starting a separate blog for quilting stuff, but I can't decide if I want to do it without having a name for it. Maybe the fact that I can't think of a name is a sign that I shouldn't? I'm bad at naming things though. Moira's lucky I managed to come up with anything.
Anyway. I was telling pearl the part about needing a name and she told me that awhile ago I had a tagline that showed up on the profile of some website and it was something about mixing patterns. I have no idea what she is referring to, and neither does she. I'm glad she could be so helpful.
So, do you have any suggestions?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We went on an adventure today.

To the Burke museum. To get there, I decided to drive to a park and ride and then ride the bus, as Moira is big into buses and trains.
Every time we are in the car or at home, there is a constant stream of chatter from her; as soon as we got on the bus, there was mostly silence. (except when she'd ask for a new snack.) Blessed, blessed silence.
A selection of her conversations with herself today.
On the way to the bus stop: Moira, Mama, Mimi. Moira too, Mama too, Mimi too bus. People bus. Moira, Mama people! Moira, Mama and Mimi are together. Moira will ride school, Mama will ride school, Mimi will ride school bus. People ride the bus. Moira and Mama are people!
More in the car: Moira hi dasses. Moira, Mama hi dasses! Mimi dasses? Too small! Mimi gasses too small! I am wearing my sunglasses. Moira and Mama are wearing their sun glasses. Does Mimi want to wear my sun glasses? They don't fit! Mimi is too small for my sun glass!
After I told her where to look in 'that direction' for our bus: Too bus? Too bus dection! Is that our bus? No, our bus will come from that direction! (points in correct direction)
Playing with her phone on our way to the grocery store: Type, type, type. Ring! Hi Walker! Daddy's home. This is probably obvious. She was texting with her phone, then it 'rang'. I really liked how serious she was about the whole thing.
Moira loved the whole trip. She was a little intimidated by the giant skeletons, but even when she started getting bored and wanted to leave, as soon as we were outside she asked for "More zeum!" We went to the U Book store on our way to the bus and then missed our bus by half a minute (we missed our bus on the way there by less then a minute too), and since I didn't think she'd be a patient waiter again we went and had ice cream.
The person working had brought her 2 year old to work, and she was very interested in Moira. She came and sat with us for awhile and looked at our things and tried to chat with Moira who was having none of that. Then when it was time to leave she insisted on giving us both a hug and a kiss. Moira was not into that either.
We still ended up having to wait awhile, because the phone said the bus arrived seven minutes earlier then the printed schedule and actual arrival time, but Moira had a good time waiting anyway. She was extra wiggly on the way home and kept trying to find a way she could slump in the chair without taking her bum off the seat, without me making her sit back up, but she failed.

Burke museum is highly recommended. We will have to go again when they change their temporary exhibit. I was sad to see that dark room with the glowing rocks was not there anymore, but there was plenty to look at, and it wasn't overwhelmingly large for Moira. The only sad part is that they don't let you take pictures, due to the photo sensitivity of the fossils. We will have to go to Mohai for our next zeum trip. I'm sure she'd love to work in the cannery.