Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RTT: I can do it with my own bare hands

I was going to write a post today, and then I decided I didn't want to have to make it coherent and then I realized it's Tuesday! That can only mean one thing!

Moira is now freaking out whenever I leave the room. Like, if I walk into the kitchen from the living room, and she can still see me and there's no door to close. Or if she comes back into a room where I was when she left and I'm somewhere else. Last night she screamed bloody murder because I went upstairs after spending some quality time watching Walker play Ratchet and Clank with her. Until 5 seconds after I actually left to go to quilt group. Then she was fine.

This too shall pass.

We got the kitchen cleaned up with record speed after both nights of Christmas parties. Even though we didn't have tens of guests descending on us again on boxing day. I'm impressed.

We still need to catch up on laundry though. Someone got a lot of new clothes for Christmas.

Moira was cranky and clingy on Christmas Eve and super angelic and hyper on Christmas Day. Partly because she napped better that day and partly because she realized there would be presents. Oddly, Walker and I seem to be the only ones who could tell the difference between the two behaviors.

I have all sorts of creative motivation right now and also organizing motivation. And very little time to actually do any of these things because they mostly need to be done without Moira's help. I was thinking of actually finding a babysitter to watch her while I worked in another room, but that seems unlikely to work right now. So, who wants to come over and take my child away?

At the November meeting of my quilt group everyone brought scraps of fabric and then we all brought each other coordinating fat quarters to the December meeting. I used scraps of this giant pin up girl print (each girl is 3"-4" tall) because I have a lot of leftovers from a dress I made years ago and then this year someone gave me the smaller version of the print in a swap. So obviously, I have to do something with them. I had no idea until I saw all the fabric together, and now I know exactly what I'm going to do and where I want it to end up in my house. It's inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts Film Strip quilt, but more film strippy. I can't wait to get started. Again, as soon as I can get a minute to play with sharp things.

Walker's new car arrives soon. Probably in the next week. That's right. We will finally have two family friendly cars!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RTT: Obligitory pre Christmas non post

I have no time to post lately. But look! It's Tuesday! How random is that?

We have reached the advent of crocodile tears. For instance, a minute ago Moira was asking for a rice bar, so I gave her the piece leftover from the bar she had this morning. Meltdown. So I put it in her bowl, told her where it was and walked away. Eventually she came over to eat it, still crying and looking at me periodically to make sure I saw just how horrible this was to her.

If the 21 things I put on the advent calendar, I only skipped one of them. Go me!

We made a lot of cookies; I even have pictures of Moira helping make her very first batch of Shortbread. But they are on the camera and I don't have time to deal with them.

Is the semicolon in the above paragraph used correctly? I've been trying to figure out how to use them, because it seems like they would be useful with the way I write.

We made treats for the birds today, and treats that Moira can actually eat. They both had a lot of peanut butter. I'm hoping to make strings of dried fruit tonight, since I don't trust her to watch me use a needle without being more helpful then I want her to be right now.

Christmas shopping is all done, despite Walker adding people to the list at the last minute. The sad part about that? The people he added are my relatives. Like I can keep track.

I've been going through our Christmas music to make a playlist for the big family christmas dinners we are hosting this year. The random play keeps clustering songs together. It was kind of awesome to listen to the version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" from the Rankin Bass special immediately followed by the version by Alice Cooper.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moira recommends: Merry Christmas!

We have a huge stack of books about Christmas, but there's really only two she likes.

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto: She loves the faces of all the people in this one. Every time we turn to a new page, she points to each person and has me tell her who it is.

Die große Weihnachts - Überraschung by Monika Neubacher-Fesser (Published by Ravensburger, I can't find it on Amazon. The link goes to other books written by this author): She's liked this one since we got it, but I don't know how to pronounce the German and until tonight I had never heard Walker read it to her, so I made up my own story. It's short, it has a bear, mouse, rabbit and tiger. I think that's the beginning and end of the reason for her interest.

The rest of our Christmas books are too long, or preachy, or have black and white illustrations, which she is not a fan of yet. There are a few she WANTS to like, namely; Santa Cows by Cooper Edens (Weird with forced rhyming structure. We usually get halfway through it. It's okay especially if your kid likes cows and/or baseball, but the sequels are even worse and not recommended by me.), My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, (a personal favorite of mine, but she gets bored after Osbert shows up.) and A Wish For Wings That Work by Berkeley Breathed (we don't make it past the first page of this one, but she wants to like it. She points at Opus and says "Fly! Fly!")

I really wanted more Christmas stories she liked so I looked at the library, but the books I found are also duds. I think what she really wants are some pop up Christmas babies or something. Dad just gave us a copy of The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Jan Brett and Moira loves her illustrations and things that rhyme, so I'm hopeful.

Bonus! Did you know that Jan Brett has coloring pages on her website? Awesome.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Originally uploaded by Maydela
Moira woke up at 4:30 this morning and didn't really go back to sleep. I really didn't get to go back to sleep, although I dozed until everyone got out of bed at 6. The end result is that today we were both cranky at each other. All day. With screeching on at least one of our parts.
It was still a good day. We went for a walk in the woods. A very short one, where we turned around at the second fork in the path and Moira insisted on taking off her gloves and then was angry that it was so cold.
But we both got to stop and listen to the birds and airplanes and crunchy frozen leaves. We got to look at the ice forming in the moss and around the mushrooms. We got to hold branches and lichen. We got to laugh and wonder at the world.
We spent half of today fighting against each other. Eat/don't eat. Upside down/right side up. Sing/don't sing. And yet, this is a day I will remember for a long time. It was magic.

On a side note, I have ordered pictures recently no less then 8 times, because I keep forgetting things, or miscalculating the number we need. But I want to order a copy of this one. It is far and away my favorite picture right now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And so we're back.

Where should we go next?
I must say, I think we handled this trip better then the one we took to Canada for Halloween, in terms of managing Moira's needs. Except for the big driving day and the day we flew down to LA, we did something that Moira would find interesting. We went to the La Brea Tarpits, playgrounds, the Tuscon Zoo and for long walks. We also made sure there was a significant amount of down time. And plenty of fries. And dip.
She is also so much more of a person now. When we got to LAX, and she still hadn't had her nap, Walker ran off to get the car with the carry on luggage leaving me with Moira to get the carseat and checked luggage. Moira was more then happy to help me push the luggage cart and LOVED watching the baggage carousel and looking for our suitcases. We have lime green bags so that they are easier to find amongst all the black/blue/red/forest green, but there was actually someone else with lime green luggage on our flight this time. She got all excited when she saw it, but she believed me when I said it wasn't ours.
What does a flamingo do?
The low spot of the trip was the 9 hour drive from Lancaster, CA to Tuscon. We had plenty of stuff to entertain her, and we tried to sing lots of songs and play lots of games, plus we had Walker's brother and sister in law in the car, so there was always someone in the back seat. It was still too much driving, and when she woke up after her nap she lost it for about a half an hour, and was cranky the rest of the way. She seemed to time her super cranky times for places where there was no place to stop so we could let her out, so we just powered through.
I discovered that Moira figured out that a flamingo stands on one leg from looking at books and the flamingos at the zoo. I don't think I've ever mentioned that fact to her.
Oh! And she has started making up her own motions for songs. I'd kind of noticed it before but thought she was just dancing. Walker's aunt bought Beatles Rock Band, and I was singing "Get Back" and Moira kept pointing to her back every time I said that word. So, not a fluke.
She climbs the ladders at playgrounds (and the one in our kitchen) now. That's a bit nervous making, but she's really careful usually. I have a photo of her standing on top of the ferry in the Bellevue Square play area, but I keep forgetting to get it off. Soon I'll find her scaling the door jams.
She also slept through the night, twice on our trip. And the rest of the time she only woke up once. Walker thinks it was because it was warmer there, but I'm betting over stimulation had something to do with it. We are trying to replicate it here, but so far, no luck.
She was so happy to be in out car again when we got home that she didn't really complain on the way home. Now when we are walking to our car in parking lots she points to all cars we pass saying "no!" to each one, until we get to ours.
I should mention the results on her allergy test, but it depresses me, even though it was actually a pretty good result. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully by then my migraine will be gone too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RTT: I don't have a subtitle for this.

I had a dream that I went to lunch with Miss Zoot and she wouldn't tell me her name, so I had to refer to her that way. This confused my mom when I introduced them.


I like digging through the really old post archives on people's sites. And following the links to now defunct domains that are now all being squatted on by people trying to sell 1)financial services 2)hosting services or 3)porn. I'm surprised by how infrequently it's porn though. Isn't that what the internet is for?

You know what helps, when the weather gets cold? Bringing the winter clothes out of storage.

I had this conversation with Moira on Thursday morning:
Moira: Stomps a plastic stegosaurus around for awhile, then points to it's spikes.
Me: Those are it's spikes. Some dinosaurs have spikes.
Moira: Ike!
Me: Yup. Where are the dinosaurs spikes?
Moira: Points to spikes
Me: Where are your spikes?
Moira: Carefully examines her body. Eventually points to her tummy and looks confusedly at me.
Me: No silly! That's your tummy! Moiras don't have spikes.
Moira: Giggles.

Moira is either encouraging bad or good eating habits in us. Usually, she manages to eat most of the meat off our plates at lunch or dinner, which is good for me, but then we went for chinese today and both ordered straight meat (Honey Walnut Prawns and Sweet and Fragrant Chicken). We had rice too, but not a veggie in sight. Walker has been suggesting we got to a Brazilian place where they bring platters of meat around to the tables, kind of like Dim Sum service. There are sides, but you have to get up for them.

I thought I had figured out how to schedule posts, but apparently I hadn't since this was supposed to be posted last Tuesday. And I forgot to check and see.

Traveling with Moira went alright, and we learned many important lessons on how to best entertain the kid for long spaces of time in a confined space. None of which will probably be applicable the next time we try this.

Yay tree!
I want to use this picture for our Christmas card this year, but since it's a picture from last year, maybe I shouldn't? What do you think?

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