Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best $5 I ever spent

You stay in here
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I believe I've mentioned how popular this baby doll is at our house. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a stroller for the baby, since that's the first thing Moira runs to at other people's houses. I was almost ready to buy a brand new one (they are under $20) or at least, convince someone to buy her one for Christmas, but then we found this one at Tree House.
Best. Thing. Ever. Baby has taken lots of rides in it. The bottle opener has taken rides in it. Occasionally, Moira tires to take a ride in it. I managed to convince her to take it on our walk to the mail box the other day, but there was construction going on by the street, so she got scared and abandoned poor Baby halfway there.
Moira is saying too many things for me to keep track of anymore. I'm particularly proud of her for grasping the concept and pronunciation of " Nakkie" the last time we were at the doctor's office.
Night weaning is going okay. She will now go back to sleep every time she wakes up with just Walker's help, but she's still waking up frequently. With our trip to Canada this weekend and Walker's on call shift next week, there will be some backsliding, since I will have to handle night time then, but at least I'm not super sleep deprived anymore. Getting through the day is so much easier with 7 hours of sleep.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hooray, beans!

Since the season for Farm Tots is running down, and Moira loves the big bins of beans they have there, I decided it was time to make one of our own. I found a big bag of beans at Costco yesterday, and today, while she napped, I filled up a box and hid a bunch of toys in it.
It was a huge hit. She spent over 30 minutes digging around in there happily and making strange noises when she found something new. Eventually she came over to see what I was doing, so I went over to clean everything up.
This is what she did. It was totally worth it though. Next time, I think I'll put down a sheet first.

Itsy bitsy Spider

Itsy bitsy Spider
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Moira loves this song.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Upholstery FAIL

Walker's chair
Years ago, Walker and I went to Arizona for the specific purpose of renting a big car and driving this chair back to Seattle. It was the first piece of furniture his grandmother bought when they finally moved into their first home, because she had read an article that a comfortable chair for your husband was the most important piece of furniture. Walker has very fond memories of it, and I think it's a nice chair too. It's also the one we've been taking pictures of Moira sitting in every month to track her growth. The original covering had been slowly disintegrating, and when Walker's grandmother took it in to get it recovered originally, she was quoted the price for leather. Since that was ridiculously expensive, she had the cushion and the ottoman recovered in fabric.
When we got our tax return, I decided to get a quote on the recovering. Leather, as expected was ridiculously expensive, but the lady giving me the quote was looking at the rip in the side to tell me if she could fix just that part, and she pointed out that it was, in fact, originally pleather. Score. Walker's plan all along was to keep as close to the original chair as possible, so for 1/4 the price of recovering the chair, we decided to get the chair and both ottomans we have in the living room recovered.
Sadly, pleather right now seems to be coming in a range of almost pastel colors. I spent a while waffling between the color you see on the chair now, which was closest to the original color, only much, much lighter, and a brown I thought Walker would like better. I picked the brown one, but then I didn't pay enough attention to the work order that was being written up and she wrote down the wrong color name.
I complained after it arrived, knowing of course, that there was no way they were going to fix this problem for me. Walker was pissed, because OMG giant pink chair in our living room. Fortunately, the internet has cosplayer forums on it, one of which had instructions on using cheap acrylic paint (the hobby kind from Michaels) to change the color of pleather. We tested it out with the ottoman that is not part of the original set first, and it works beautifully. This is one coat of black, rubbed on with a sock. It's a two person job, since someone has to paint and someone has to rub quickly before it dries, so we will only be able to work on it on weekends, but I love the results. Moira was even kind enough to test it out and make sure the color wouldn't wash off.
Thanks cosplayers!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween books

Baby pumpkin
It's possible that Halloween is my favorite holiday. This is a little odd, since I don't like horror or suspense. But I do love dressing up, and babies in pumpkin shirts. We always go to Canada to trick or treat with friends, and when I was packing last year, I realized that I had a Halloween outfit for the five days we would be there before Halloween. This year, Moira's Halloween wardrobe is significantly smaller but only because there was nothing in the dollar spot at Target that would fit her. I looked.
I decided to pull all the Halloween books I could find (and the books about monsters and wizards) from her vast picture book collection. They have been sitting in a little stack by the fireplace, and she has been digging through them. The favorites are:
A Job For Wittilda by Caralyn Buehner - This keeps her attention despite how long it is, probably because of all the cats. And the chance to practice meowing.
Scary Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting - Another book with cats in it, but they really only appear on the last page. Moira seems to like the fact that it rhymes more then anything. The pictures are by Jan Brett, which I like
The Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet - This one is only good to look through on your own. She actually used to bring this to me to have me read it when she was first pulling books off the shelves on her own, but each page has multiple paragraphs of text on it and it's just too long to keep her attention. The pictures captivate her, but I'm not sure why.

Bonus non Halloweeny book:
10 Little Dinosaurs by Jim Harris - With the Halloween books pulled off the shelf, she can get this one off the shelf, so it's always coming out. There is a big pair of wiggle eyes attached to the front of the book, and holes in each of the page. It's written in the 10 little monkeys style, but each page is a different kind of dinosaur and each dinosaur type is doing a different silly thing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Road trip quilt update

I'm almost done with the states I had already cut out, so I needed to figure out what to use for each state from what I have left. Using Google Maps to remember our route, this is the list of states visited, in order. If I've finished the block, there's a link to the picture. If I have the fabric, it's named next to the state.

BC - Y2K
California - Velvet panties
New Mexico
Louisiana - Space sheet, heart panties, pink chiffon
Mississippi - Lemon scarf
Alabama - Green floral skirt
South Carolina - Houses & trees
North Carolina
Washington DC
Maryland - Maroon scrunchy
Delaware - Purple floral scarf
New Jersey
New York
Massachusetts - Lighthouses
New Hampshire
Maine - Moose
New Brunswick - Autumn floral ribbon
Ontario - Mirrored halter
Minnesota - Animals fabric
South Dakota
Montana - Cowboy fabric
Idaho - Pumpkins
BC - Sunset

42 states visited. BC and Washington are listed twice because I was living in BC and my boyfriend was living in Washington, so we did drive through them twice leaving and getting home.
16 blocks completed, one in progress, Massachusetts. I should remember to check my spelling on that one, since I keep misspelling it here.
I'm missing 9 fabrics. I distinctly remember buying fabric for Washinton while we were in Spokane. I talked to a lady who liked to go on motorcycle trips with her husband and two young daughters. She told me way more then I wanted to know about the logistics of that. I'm actually surprised I'm only missing nine, since I didn't do a good job of keeping things all together for the first 6 years after we got back. I'll have to do one last search through my bins, and then if I can't find them, I'll cheat and buy fabric now. I suppose I could try and find online vendors from each state to buy from. Hmmm....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fashion show

Since I've been mysteriously losing sizes, but not weight, I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. I was telling Pearl that I want to get back to how I used to dress before I dated the guy who would complain if I wore more then one color at a time, or if that color was not red or black. I didn't mean to change how I dressed for him, but it's hard not to want to look nice for someone you love.
I thought this was a good combo at the time
Pearl thinks I'm crazy, since according to her I have been clashing the entire time I've known her, but as I've been scanning in my childhood photos, I'm being reminded of just how quirkily I dressed. These are the best examples I could find last night.
I thought this combination was great at the time. Actually, I still really like it. Both shirt and skirt a pure silk, so I never got to wear either one very often. I had that skirt for at least 10 years and I probably wore it fewer then 10 times. I wore it to my sister's rehearsal dinner with a bright green shirt and white tights.

Me & Izzy
This isn't the best picture of this skirt, but I wore that skirt to death. With everything. It was just one of those tissue thin, cheap, elastic waist circle skirts. I think I got it at the Punjabi market in Vancouver, BC. It was constantly ripping and I would carefully whip stitch the holes closed. By the time I gave up on it, it was fully an inch shorter on one side then the other because of all the mends on that side. The lace shirt I'm wearing is a leotard. Aaaah, crotch snaps, the most comfortable thing on a piece of tight adult clothing.
I haven't found a picture of the electric blue unitard I wore a lot in high school. Sometimes I wore it with cut off jean shorts and a vest, but sadly, sometimes I just wore it by itself. Or the green velvet stirrup pants that were given to me by a guy who wanted to date me, who got them when I girl he was cleaning out his closet. Yes, he used to wear them. And then I did. Eeeew.
Me at age 3 (I think)
When I was at Goodwill yesterday looking for long sleeved shirts I found a little red velvet dress with a white pinafore. I got all excited because of this picture of me when I was 3 (I think). Hurray for recreating your childhood with your own kid's outfits. I'm glad she hasn't tried to exert any form of control over her own wardrobe yet, and I still get to pick out her Halloween outfits and party dresses. Not sure she'll be able to wear it this year. The sales tag said it was 24m size, which would be perfect, but the tag on the pinafore says 4T. We shall see.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I miss you, Oxytocin

We spent Sunday before naps doing some reorganizing. Bobbe put some sliding shelves in our pantry two weeks ago, and I hadn't finished putting the food back in there, so I emptied the last two boxes. Although, come to think of it, I think there's still another box somewhere in the basement and there are also some dry goods in canisters that haven't made it back in yet. Walker also moved our exercise bike into the big unfinished rooms so we could close the closet door in the tv room, since Moira has started climbing over it to get to the garbage can and electronics in there.
The big project was Moira's room. There have been mounting piles of outgrown clothes in there for 6 months. Also, she's figured out how to open her closet door, and was playing with the china dolls that were in the wicker chest in there. So Walker entertained her while I spent a few hours packing clothes up and reorganized her closet. The China dolls are no out of reach, and the other ones are out where she can play with them. Shanny (I used to name my dolls after nicknames I hated, so when someone called me Shanny I could say "Why are you talking to my doll?" I started doing that when I was 5) has been a big hit, but she really needs a bath so I guess I should google that. I also reorganized her drawers so that the top drawer (the one Walker always opens first) is now full of complete outfits. He has been pulling out the same three shirts over and over and then not being able to find pants to go with them. Hopefully I can keep up with this and her clothes can get more even wear. Certainly this way, she'll be less likely to be wearing her blue plaid pants and red zebra print shirt.
Ever since Becca & Andrew's wedding, Moira has been waking up three to four times at night, instead of the one to two from before. This wouldn't be so bad, except that at least one of those wake ups, she doesn't settle down for over an hour. Or rather, she's most of the way asleep, but changing position every few minutes. Nursing, sucking on my finger, rolling away from me, sitting up, flopping her head onto my chest (and frequently hitting my head instead), rolling over me and starting all over on the other side. This is really frustrating. I've been trying to stop that cycle before I get too frustrated, but it's hard to remember at 3am. I think instead we need to try some night weaning. This is guaranteed to make her more pissed off in the short term, but I'm hoping that if she can't get milk in the middle of the night, she will start sleeping for longer stretches. We are both waking up so tired in the morning, and it's getting really hard to make it through the day.
Wish me luck.