Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Tomorrow is my Nana's 90th birthday, and in honor of her, I'm finally getting my act back together for vintage photo friday.
Bathing beauty
Maggie Hillinger, July 21, 1940
I've been scanning in family photos for the last few weeks to make a slideshow for her party. Except it's not a party, because she told us at my Dad's "I'm not turning 60" party that she was also not turning 90 this year. I've loved getting this glimpse into her early life.
Good swing
I always loved spending time with Nana. She was full of energy and enthusiasm. She would pose for silly photos with me and play my games. Now that I've seen more pictures like this, I realize that that wasn't just something she did for her grandchildren.
Nana in WW2
She joined the WAAC during World War 2, where she met my Grandfather on a trip skiing in Switzerland.
Happy unbirthday Maggie! I'm so glad you are my Nana.

For more vintage photos visit Paper Dolls For Bys


  1. Love those photos and have never seen them before. How can that be?!

  2. Your nana is gorgeous. I hope the un-party is a blast.

  3. Amazing family photos! I know you are proud of your Nana!