Monday, June 15, 2009

Ta da!

New quilt for our bed
I finally finished the binding on our new king sized quilt on Saturday, and got it all washed, so we got to sleep under it last night. (although looking at this picture just now, I realized I forgot to put the buttons back on the fish and one of the stars. Oops.) So nice to have a blanket that fits the bed! We could even tuck it in at the bottom if we wanted to. It's also warmer then our previous one was, although that could just be that there's enough of it to actually fully cover our bodies. Once I get the two other king sized quilts I'm working on finished (for other people, I swear!) I plan to go back and hand quilt this one, since many of the blocks are just crying out for specific quilting patterns. That should be fun. And labor intensive, but I'm hoping to be able to do it in a way that will keep it usable at night.
I made a skirt for me and a matching shorts for Moira out of a thrifted sheet. I was going to say something else about them, but Moira woke up from her nap and now I can't remember. She's wearing her shorts now and we went for a walk in the woods. She likes to pick up rocks when we are walking, and I took one and it put it in her pocket, which made her very angry. She didn't believe me when I tried to show her still had it. Then about an hour later when we were home, she was giggling and rolling around on the floor because she found the rock. so exciting.


  1. Those look awesome! And I love how much Moira loves rocks. DOes she have everybody needs a rock, yet?

  2. love your skirt! And your quilt of course, its huge! Let me know how hand quilting goes, I want to try it on something, but I'm too nervous I would get part way done and be sick of it! Thanks for stopping by and adding your link! -Allison

  3. What beautiful quilts. You are have a great knack for it!