Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ugly quilt blocks

So, I have been thinking that I haven't managed to get that much done while Willow was here, but I was telling pearl all about what I've done today and she seemed impressed. So you know, I should maybe update now instead of waiting for more.
These are the blocks for my ugly fabric challenge quilt. There are 24 of these blocks and I was going to put this brown fabric I bought with safety pins in white, pink, teal and reddish brown, but it's too busy, so that will just be the back. I think there may be white sashing inbetween the squares, but I haven't decided yet. My next door neighbor showed up on my doorstep two weeks after we did the fabric swapping with the announcement that she was finished with everything but the quilting, so I either had no choice but to start on this first thing. She actually showed it to us at the last meeting and it's gorgeous. I think I may leave the baby on her doorstep in a basket, to try and slow her down a bit.
Dilly's quilt front
I finished this quilt for Walker's youngest brother, since his birthday is today and I've been sending out the finished quilts for birthday presents to the other Michigan kids. The top (and his twin sister's quilt) has been done since 2007, so you know, I took my time. Dilly is severely autistic so I wanted to do something with big blocks of color rather then little tiny pieces, because he gets overstimulated easily. This was not my original plan for the quilt, but I cut before I fully planned it out, so if I had added the black blocks between the colored ones it would have been king sized. And then it never would have gotten finished.

Birthay block for Suri

Lastly I got 5 blocks finished for the LJ birthday block swap (including the paper pieced one from last year I had to do twice because I made it 4" too small the first time. Yay!) This is my favorite, because penguins are cute and he has a little bead eye. Now I'm caught up till April on that swap and working on potholders for a swap is organizing. Willow is only here for a few more days and we are going to the zoo tomorrow, so I doubt I will get much more done than that, but I am having a grand time digging through my scraps, and the bag of scraps I got from one of the women in my new quilt group, to make them.


  1. "I think I may leave the baby on her doorstep in a basket, to try and slow her down a bit."


    Ayup. You oughta try that.

  2. I really like your color block quilt. It's simple and still has a lot of interest. I can imagine that it's very hard to get time to quilt with a baby! Both need so much attention.