Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Alice Holly in April 1929
Walker's Grandmother Alice Holly at age 9 with her doll. There are so many pictures of her as a kid and she always has a quirky smile on her face. I think I really would have loved to meet little Alice.

For more vintage photos, visit Paper Dolls for Boys

I am doomed

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Did I mention the standing?

Stop snoring! You don't have a cold!

Alfafa hair
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A few random baby things:
She has enough hair to stick up funny, but not enough for barrettes. Suck.
Can I stop feeding her real food now? Just until she's potty trained?
Kiwis are tasty. And not citrus. I really should have googled that earlier.
She now has two teeth. And the first one is pretty visible.
She slept better last night then she has for the last week, so the sleep problems were probably tooth related. Excellent.
If old ladies know they are going to frighten babies when they get too close too fast, why do they keep doing it?

In non baby randomness; pearl and I were at Pacific Fabrics yesterday and I was trying to nurse Moira in the pattern section when I overheard this conversation.
Old Lady 1: I like those pants that are full and then gathered at the ankle.
Old Lady 2: Yeah, those are good.
Middle Aged Lady: Just like M J Hammer! Do you remember M J Hammer?

I sat there for a minute thinking how weird that they new a lady named M J Hammer before it occurred to me that they were talking about Parachute pants.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Lent! Wait a minute...

So, tomorrow is the advent of Lent, and I've been thinking this is the perfect time to work on these two items from my list:
65)Don't get premade food for one month just because you are tired/sad/overwhelmed (1/30)
66)Have at least 2 home cooked meals ready in the freezer for 2 months (2/60)
I currently have a meatloaf and a thing of chicken soup in the freezer, so that covers the 2 things in the freezer, but I'm trying to figure out what the finer details of that item are. Am I allowed to eat one of those two things and still be compliant? How soon do I need to replace the thing? I think there will likely be another batch of soup joining them tomorrow, and that makes it easier, but I should still decide what the rules are.
Also, Pagliacci's is celebrating their 30th anniversary, so all pizzas are 30% off, for the next 25 days or so. Walker had pointed out that we can order pizza more often, but if I'm complying with number 65, am I still allowed to have pizza?
I think the rules will be,
For #66, we are allowed to eat out/have pizza delivered because we decide to have a special treat, but not because I got lazy and didn't plan something else, especially since there are tasty things in the freezer now.
For #67, I am allowed to have less then 2 pre made things in the freezer, as long as they get replaced on the next weekend.

Wiggly things

Twisty Hazelnut
25. Twisted Hazelnut
Already knew: This is an ornamental tree, and does not actually make hazelnuts. It's deciduous, and much less interesting when it is covered with leaves. Florists like to use it in winter arrangements to create interest.
Recently learned: There is not much information about this tree on the web. It is also called contorted hazelnut and corkscrew hazelnut. The twisting is caused by one recessive gene, and crossing it with regular hazelnut trees causes normal trees. Even if you cross it with another twisted hazelnut, you still produce normal trees 3 out of 4 times.
Curly Willow
26. Curly Willow
Already knew: Also called Corkscrew Willow. This is just like a regular willow tree, but bent. I guess it is has the same gene thing going on with the hazelnut above. Willow bark is used to make Aspirin. They like to grow along streams. This is also very popular in winter floral arrangements.
Recently learned: Willow seeds are poisonous. Willows need constant moist soil. You can grow them by planting branches from other people's trees.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Penguins are so sensitive

And then he said...
Moira has started actually playing with her toys instead of just chewing on them or hitting things with them. Until today this has mostly meant laying on her back with a toy in each hand and wiggling a lot, but today she had both these penguins and was wiggling them in front of each other, like they were having a conversation. Oddly, this was happening in total silence, but it was super cute.
She's also getting more into peek a boo. She's been good at pulling blankets off her head for awhile, but today she started putting the blanket back on her head so the game could continue. Then we sat down with her doll and played peek a boo with it for awhile, but that seemed to confuse her a bit.
Where's the baby?
We went shopping with pearl and Mirella on Wednesday, and I found a set of four board books with touchy bits and flaps. She really likes them all, but blue is her favorite. She also likes to stop on the page in "Goodnight Gorilla" that is primarily blue. In a mini rant, it really bothers me when people do a set of four color books with the primary three (red, yellow and blue) and green. Even though green is my favorite color. I just don't think it's fair to the other secondary colors.

Hello ladies

From 1800

I adore this photo. The come-hither pose, and the big bushy beard are awesome. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I pull it up for a giggle. It was in a batch of family photos from my husband's family with absolutely no information attached to it. The only thing I can be sure of is that he was in the Civil War, and he's not Walker's great-great grandfather Julius Barbour, although I think it may be one of his brothers.

For more vintage photos, visit Paper Dolls for Boys

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look a tooth!

Look a tooth!
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I meant to take this picture earlier, but I kept forgetting. You may need to click on it to make it bigger, since it's just a such a bitty tooth still. She's been in a horrible mood today, so it may be getting a friend soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And that is all

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I got all excited yesterday because I thought Moira actually had enough hair to be able to put barrettes in it, but no, this slipped out after a few minutes and then wouldn't stay in her hair at all after that. I can't put headbands on her anymore cause she's too wiggly and they slip over her eyes, and I never remember to put hats on her unless it's super cold, so I will just have to resign myself to another few months of undecorated baby head.
Moira is valiantly trying to stand unassisted. She's managed at least 10 seconds, once even while holding onto a toy. She's also using actual syllables more, which makes me ridiculously happy because I am so tired of the raspberry noise.
Since Walker had Presidents day off we decided it would be a good idea to go downtown so I could finally go to Icon Grill and try the mac and cheese people are always asking me if I've tried (it wasn't that good people, and it kind of creeped me out how the waiter poured the extra cheese for me). Then we went to the Aquarium. I decided to walk Moira through the Market while Walker moved the car, since I knew there were elevators at the hill climb. Unfortunately they were gated off, so I had to carry the baby and the stroller down them. Fortunately, I found a little place on Market that sells cheesecakes, so we got to have those for dessert.
Moira loved the Aquarium. There were so many people to look at! She doesn't care so much for fish yet, but she did like the Orca sounds in the special Orca exhibit place.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Can't see the forest for the trees

Western Pine

23. Western Pine
Already knew: Western Pines, especially up in BC are being decimated by the Western Pine Beetle, which is normally killed off during cold winters but the winters haven't been getting cold enough for long enough to do so. You know you have pine beetles by the little round holes they leave in the bark. The pinecones from the Western Pine are skinny and smooth, and not so good for traditional pinecone crafts. They are evergreen trees.
Recently learned: The Western Pine grows between 30-50 meters tall. The branches of most pine trees grow in a tight spiral up the trunk. Pines grow well in acid, sandy soil.
Monkey Tree

24. Monkey Puzzle Tree
Already knew: The monkey tree is an evergeen tree with spiny leaves. If you are riding in the car with your sister and you see a monkey puzzle tree, you can say "Monkey Tree don't pinch me!" and pinch her. This is a good game to play in unison with Slug Bug.
Recently learned: The Monkey Puzzle Tree is native to Chile, and thought to be a living fossil. It can grow to 40 meters tall and have a trunk that is 2 meters wide. Unlike pine trees, it is usually a single sex tree with male and female cones on different trees. The seeds are edible and frequently eaten in Chile, but the tree does not produce seeds until it is 30-40 years old. It can possibly live to be 1,000 years old. It's original name in Mapuche (the native language of the area) is Pehuen.

Vintage Photo Friday

From 1950

Liz and Christ Matlack at the family Ramona, California turkey farm, under the pepper trees.
For more vitage photos, go here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More sewing

Block for Jennicakes
Since Moira is sleeping on me and I'm stuck in front of the computer, I figured I'd show off the last few things I made while Willow was watching the baby. The fabric from Jennifer for the Threads Together Quilting Bee showed up in time so I got to make her blocks. I even sat down and planned out what I wanted to do for the blocks since I wanted to cut out the silhouettes. This one turned out as planned, but I didn't have nearly enough fabric to do the second one like I wanted.
Block for Jennicakes
I got all excited when I finished the second block because it made me think of Henry the eighth and his wives, but then I thought about it and he had six wives and two mistresses, so seven ladies doesn't work for that. Plus she was going for a French thing, so an English king is highly inappropriate. The end result of all of this is that I've been thinking of the blocks as "Georges et les filles" I'm also terribly sad that I barely have any scraps left. There is literally a 1.5"x2" piece of the black dots left.
I also got the squares of my ugly quilt assembled, but I don't have a picture of that.
Potholders side A
Lastly, I managed to get the five potholders for the potholder swap organized. I'm a bit early for that, but I knew if I didn't get them done now, I wouldn't manage in time. They were all made from leftovers from quilts I made for Walker's family, except the pastel squares which were leftover precut quilt bits from the big bag of scraps one of the ladies in my quilt group gave me. Now I have to wait for the end of the month to find out where to send them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is today over yet?

Mmm tasty and painful
Today has been a hard day for Moira. Since Walker left for work she has; scratched her head deep enough to draw blood with her fingernail while I was trying to trim it, closed her hand in a drawer, chewed on the screw in this picture until she accidentally scratched her mouth, screamed when I took her tasty screw away, sneezed and coughed for a long time until the twig on the left came out of her nose, and freaked out when I had a coughing fit and couldn't stop.
Among other things.
Dinner tonight will be boxed mac and cheese. And maybe rum.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

These outfits were all handmade by Mary Kay Pinkard (nee Kearney) and her mother during the Great Depression. They lived in Ramona, CA which was at the time the Turkey capital of the world.
From 1930

I decided to participate in Paperdolls For Boys vintage photo friday. Click the link for more vintage goodness.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Judge not

So I was going to try to go to sleep early, except I didn't, and I played a game and got caught up on the Momversation episodes and watched the "Breast-feeding Fanatics" episode and got all riled up.
The general consensus of the panel, as it usually is, is "hey, do what works for you, and ignore people who try to tell you you're doing it wrong." A statement I heartily agree with. The three main reasons I'm breastfeeding?
1)I'm cheap
2)I'm lazy
3)I'm lucky enough that my milk producing system works extremely well.
I'll admit, I didn't know that last one until I tried it, but if for some reason I had to do formula, I wouldn't beat myself up about it. Why not? Please reference reason #2.
But this thing where people like to tell parents they are doing things wrong? I'm not okay with that. And I see it a lot in online communities I read. "My friend is bottle feeding/letting her baby cry it out/sending her kids to band camp and I don't think I can be her friend anymore because she's just so wrong!" or, "There was this family at the restaurant and the Dad hit his kid when he reached for the syrup and I wanted to cry and steal the kid away from him."
You don't know. You don't know what it's like to be in that situation, with that kid. You don't know how many times that kid has been told not to reach for the syrup, or how often he knocks over full syrup jars in restaurants. You don't know about the horrible horrible day Dad had and how they are at the restaurant because he just couldn't handle making dinner tonight and all he wants is to eat his food.
Parenting is the hardest thing you will ever do. Kids are amazing and wonderful, but they are also annoying and argumentative and push you to the breaking point just to learn where the edge is. They don't start out understand about boundaries, or when to leave things alone. We are all doing the best we can as parents, and that's all we can do. The last thing we should be doing is making this harder for others. You choose the parenting style that works best for their family. My way may be drastically different then the one that works best for your family, and that is just fine.
This is not to say that I don't have very specific ideas on how to raise kids. I do. Heck, my list of rules for naming babies is so long, I'm embarrassed to think about it. I am probably even silently judging your parenting choices right now. But the operative word there is silently. You will hear my opinion when you ask for it, and not a moment sooner. I have known parents who I thought were making horrendous mistakes in the past, and I cried for those poor children. And you know what? They turned out fine. Most people do.
If you have a friend whose parenting choices you disagree with and you want to change her mind? Stay her friend and let her parent her way and offer your help when she needs it, but don't judge. If you can't stop yourself, then leave her be, she's better off without you, and you without her. Your daughter in law is doing things differently then you did? Realize that she and your son have discussed this all and they are happy with their decision. Stranger loosing it on her kids in the grocery store? Offer her your sympathy or leave her alone. The last thing she and her kids need is you butting in and telling her how horrible she is.
Other than that, let people be.

We have achieved tooth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The great pickle massacare of '09

Moira and the pickle
Originally uploaded by Maydela
Moira has suddenly decided that food is not just a toy, it is a good thing to eat. Until last week, we would give her bits of cut up food and they would end up in her mouth and get chewed on a bit, and then mostly fall to the floor where Stewie would eat them. Occasionally she'd really like something and she would eat a whole tablespoon of it.
Tonight at dinner, she ate 1 oz of sausage, 1 slice of pear, 1 oz of peaches and 1 oz of apples. Those last two? They were off a spoon! She started refusing to let the spoon in her mouth two months ago, preferring instead to jam the non food covered end in her mouth, and wipe the food on the tray, but on Monday we went out to dinner with my parents and I gave her water from a straw and when I got tired of that tried to give her a spoon to play with and she refused to grab it, but opened her mouth like this was something we do all the time.
I don't know where she's learning this kind of deviant behavior, but I think her friend's must be a bad influence on her.


Ugly quilt blocks

So, I have been thinking that I haven't managed to get that much done while Willow was here, but I was telling pearl all about what I've done today and she seemed impressed. So you know, I should maybe update now instead of waiting for more.
These are the blocks for my ugly fabric challenge quilt. There are 24 of these blocks and I was going to put this brown fabric I bought with safety pins in white, pink, teal and reddish brown, but it's too busy, so that will just be the back. I think there may be white sashing inbetween the squares, but I haven't decided yet. My next door neighbor showed up on my doorstep two weeks after we did the fabric swapping with the announcement that she was finished with everything but the quilting, so I either had no choice but to start on this first thing. She actually showed it to us at the last meeting and it's gorgeous. I think I may leave the baby on her doorstep in a basket, to try and slow her down a bit.
Dilly's quilt front
I finished this quilt for Walker's youngest brother, since his birthday is today and I've been sending out the finished quilts for birthday presents to the other Michigan kids. The top (and his twin sister's quilt) has been done since 2007, so you know, I took my time. Dilly is severely autistic so I wanted to do something with big blocks of color rather then little tiny pieces, because he gets overstimulated easily. This was not my original plan for the quilt, but I cut before I fully planned it out, so if I had added the black blocks between the colored ones it would have been king sized. And then it never would have gotten finished.

Birthay block for Suri

Lastly I got 5 blocks finished for the LJ birthday block swap (including the paper pieced one from last year I had to do twice because I made it 4" too small the first time. Yay!) This is my favorite, because penguins are cute and he has a little bead eye. Now I'm caught up till April on that swap and working on potholders for a swap is organizing. Willow is only here for a few more days and we are going to the zoo tomorrow, so I doubt I will get much more done than that, but I am having a grand time digging through my scraps, and the bag of scraps I got from one of the women in my new quilt group, to make them.