Friday, November 28, 2008

Moira background

Moira background
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Are you an admirer of all things Moira? While Liz was visiting for Thanksgiving, she took a series of photos in quick succession and I turned the best of the faces into a background, available here for your computer. Hopefully, at least. I think I got the permission settings set up right on flickr. If you want it and can't download it, let me know.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh yeah!

It is official. I love my new quilt group. I went to my second meeting yesterday, where we were supposed to discuss what kind of round robin we want to do next year. Instead, we decided to wait on that decision but we are doing a ugly fabric challenge at the next meeting where we will actually decide what kind of round robin to do. Everyone is going to bring two identical fat quarters of the ugliest fabric they can find and matching coordinates. Then you will trade one of your uglies for someone elses. You can then buy one or two more fabrics to try and tie them into each other, and then you have to make something.
I think this is awesome. I may use this Sushi restaurant fabric I found at Hancocks. It's not traditionally ugly, but i bought it mostly because it says "SQUID!" on it and it was so inexplicable. Especially since Robert Kaufman usually does better things. Or at least, things where you can tell the difference between the men and the women.
Further updates to be expected.

Oh no

Moira has been in the mysterious movement phase, where I look up and she's across the room, for awhile, but now she can direct her movement better so she is usually in one of two places in the living room. Here, inbetween the end tables trying to chew on the computer cord, or stick her fingers in the heat register, or under my great grandmothers china hutch, which while very well made, she has managed to rattle by grabbing ahold of the leg. We should afix it to the wall, but I'm not sure how to do that without damaging the antique. Maybe it will just go elsewhere for awhile.
Bobby is coming over sometime in the next week to look at our stairs and figure out how to 1) replace the banister a child can easily get stuck in and 2) put a baby gate on the stairs where it won't interfere with the door. We looked at a bunch of options online, but even though there are gates for metal railings and gates for slanted steps, there are no gates that will attach to a metal railing, slant over a few inches to the wall and go down far enough that we can put it on the landing instead of in the doors path.

We have finally found another food Moira seems to be willing to eat. Okay, so I'm impatient and really there were only two she wasn't fond of and she would kind of eat the peaches instead of pushing the spoon violently out of the way, but Butternut squash is a win. For the record:
Pears: Yes
Pickles & cucumbers: Yes
Potatoes: Heck no!
Peaches & nectarines: No thank you
Butternut squash: Yes

We are wondering how long she will continue to only eat foods Walker hates. We have zucchini in the freezer and cauliflower in the fridge, so there's two more we can try.

Monday, November 24, 2008


When we last visited Walker's brothers (Aug? 2007, Charlie's girlfriend was pregnant. We never heard if this resulted in a baby, mostly because the brothers are all bad at talking to each other. This is despite numerous calls to both the other brother, AJ there and his sister, Amber.
Walker finally called AJ in my presence today, ans I reminded him to ask about Charlie. When he got off the phone, here was the update:
Walker: They are doing fine, the baby is almost walking, Charlie has gained a bunch of weight.
Me: And the baby is?
Walker: AJ didn't say, but I think it's a boy. The name is Hayden.
Hayden Christensen
Hayden Panettiere

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ground cover

So yes, I know you CAN eat rosemary and mushrooms and that many people enjoy them. I still say eeeeeew.
Neither of these plants would be a good grass replacement for 's lawn, but I post them regardless.

11.English Ivy
Already knew: English Ivy is a vine that will take over your yard if you let it, but is much easier to control then Bindweed. I don't really know much about it. I guess I also know that it will act like a bush if you don't give it something to climb up, and that you don't want to let it crawl up your house or it will eat the walls. Go ivy!
Recently learned: The flowers are rich in nectar. The leaves are only three pointed (like I always think of Ivy leaves) when they are juvenile. When the reach adulthood, they smooth out and look more classically leafy. The leaves and berries are an expectorant and it has been used to treat Bronchitis. So maybe this would be a good choice for 's lawn, since her hubby gets Bronchitis at the drop of a hat.

Already knew: I don't know why, but every time I say 'fern' I want to shout it. That's not a fact about the plant, it's just weird. There are many different varieties of ferns, but since the only one I can tell apart from the rest of the species is the Fiddlehead, and then only when it's baby shoots coming up, I'm giving up and just calling this a plant I recognize. You can rub the pollen on your nettle stings and it's supposed to help, although it never worked well for me. Ferns like to grow in damp shady places, like forests. Ferns are also the oldest living species on earth.
Recently learned: The study of ferns is called pteridology. A fern is a seedless, vascular plant. Fern species live in a variety of places including deserts and in the water. Most of the wikipedia page is too complicated for me to want to wade through it, so that's all you get.

Monday, November 17, 2008


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We tried Moira's third food last night. Potatoes were not a success. Maybe she's saying she's tired of P foods, since she has had pickles and pears so far.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things that you could eat but why would you want to?

This week, edibles that are growing in my yard that I find unappealing.

9. Rosemary
Already knew: Rosemary is a shrub. People use the leafy bits as a spice in cooking, but to me they have always tasted like the pine needles I ate once on a dare. Eeeew. It's also used in a lot of creams and lotions, like the hippy dippy bum balm my aunt gave us for Moira. Like all herbs, you'll get the best flavor if you have it fresh, but you can easily dry it by hanging a bunch in a window. But why would you want to?
Recently learned: It's a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae). The name derives from the Latin for Dew of the Sea. Rosemary oil my cause epileptic seizures, so if you have a history of those or have shown an allergy to Rosemary, use caution. Large quantities of rosemary leaves can cause adverse reactions, such as coma, spasm, vomiting, and pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) that can be fatal. Avoid consuming large quantities of rosemary if pregnant or breastfeeding. And that's why you shouldn't eat it. Don't you love how the internet supports my anti rosemary agenda?

10. Mushroom
Already knew: First of all, I have no idea if this is actually an edible mushroom or one of the ones that will kill you, although my uncle Rich probably does since he goes mushrooming all the time (Hi Rich! Please never fill my fridge with mushrooms while I'm gone! Thanks!). That's the main thing I know about mushrooms, never pick and eat wild ones without the help of someone who knows what the heck they are doing. Mushrooms are a fungus. Mushrooms that make you trip are technically poisonous, people just like the reaction. Mushrooms are part of a strange and mysterious organism that lives underground. It is still impossible to tell where a mushroom spore thingy lives, unless you've seen them pop up in that place before, and some mushrooms won't pop up regularly, some only pop up every other year, or ten or a hundred. I don't know, it seems like a lot of work to me, especially since they are similar to snakes in that perfectly innocuous mushrooms look remarkably like horrible death mushrooms, only mushrooms don't have a more angular jaw to help you tell the difference.
Recently learned: The terms "mushroom" and "toadstool" go back centuries and were never precisely defined, nor was there consensus on application, although toadstool was usually used for poisonous fungus. That's all I'm looking for right now because I hate mushrooms that much.

Unspeakable horrors abound

Today was a good enough day, with actual things accomplished on my end, until the afternoon nap didn't happen and Moira spent the 3 hours before Walker came home rubbing her eyes, fussing, and then when I'd try to put her down acting wide awake. Oh and there was copious amounts of spit up. To keep myself from screaming before relief arrived, we had a photo shoot with the plushy Necronimcon since she just today achieved the ability to stay in a tripod sitting position for longer then a few seconds. She thought the book was pretty interesting too, interesting enough to look at even though Mommy was taking her picture, and that's pretty impressive.

We are trying to have Daddy be the one who puts her to sleep at bedtime. So far, this is not a popular plan, but I'm trying to let him decide when to call for help and not go in there and save him. I failed last night, because she was drifting off to sleep only to wake up screaming after a minute and that usually means she's hungry. I generally want to let Walker make his own parenting decisions and not try and have him do things the 'right' (my) way, but it's hard at this stage since there is information I should impart to him that I don't always think of until he's been trying to comfort a screaming baby for 45 minutes (Hey! Sorry to burst in like this, but maybe she's hungry!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go me!

Today, in a colossal feat of organization by me, I had plans to go to the La Leche League meeting in Redmond at 10am (smack dab in the middle of the time Moira usually naps) and her 6 month well child checkup at 3pm (smack dab in the middle of her afternoon nap). Go me! I tried to convince her to fall asleep in the 15 minutes we were there before the meeting started, but the building? Very interesting. There were only 6 people at the meeting, 3 leaders and 3 regular moms. So most of the meeting was generic Mom talk rather then specific nursing issues. The best conversation was about the internet.
Leader 1: I just joined Facebook. My husband and friends finally convinced me.
Me: I am considering that now too because two of my childhood friends have contacted my sister.
Leader 1: That's exactly why I joined! Plus I figure it's good to no what it is before my girls start doing stuff on there.
Me: I think by the time your girls are doing that kind of thing, everyone will have moved on to something more incomprehensible, like Twitter.
Leader 2: What IS Twitter.
Me: It's like a cross between text messaging and blogging. So all your messages are tiny and people send constant update about what they are doing throughout the day.
Leader 1: I don't think anyone wants that kind of information about me.
Leader 2: Yes, and I don't think I could remember to do something that often. I can't even remember why I went upstairs in the first place.
Me: Well, in that case, Twitter would be useful. "Am going upstairs to get socks."

Moira did not nap during the meeting, of course, but she was perfectly cheerful, and then fell asleep minutes after I put her in the car seat. Fortunately she also fell back asleep when we got home and I transferred her into bed. She even slept right until I would have had to wake her up to get her ready to go out again.

According to the growth charts at the Dr's office, she is approaching the 90th percentile in height but is still under the 50th percentile in weight. I made her one pair of pants last week, and I forsee having to do that a lot more. Since I've had a few people ask lately, here are her stats.
Height - 27"
Weight - 15lbs 14oz
Dr says she's healthy and doing great. Also, the red marks on her neck are stork bites and not a rash like I thought. Which is good really, since she's had them since a few weeks after birth, but it does beg the question; if the birthmark on my head makes me a unicorn, and the one on [info]elfflame's hip makes her a pegasus, what does a mark on the back of Moira's neck mean?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


7. Snapdragon
Already knew: Snapdragons are a flower and they grow from seed. The version here is the kind sold in seed packets and six packs on every garden display outside of Fred Meyers, commonly called "party mix". The people who planted them in my yard appear not to have understood the concept of a multicolor assortment of flowers because they planted each color in a different spot, so there's two red ones on one side of the porch and one white one on the other and I forget where I saw the yellow one. If you squeeze carefully just behind the 'jaws' of the flower, you can make it open and close just like a real dragon's mouth. Or something.
Recently learned: There is heated debate on the taxonomy of the snapdragon flower, whether the species is made of one genus or two. You can make a green dye from the flowers.

8. Periwinkle
Already knew: Periwinkle is a viney plant that makes a good, close to the ground ground cover. The flowers are much more vibrant, pretty blue then the crayola color named for them.
Recently learned: This is Vinca, the European periwinkle. Madagascar periwinkle appears to be white, and that is just wrong. Periwinkle is fire retardant and drought resistant.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have revised my earlier estimate of a sick baby to a teething one. But we'll see, I guess the only way I will be able to tell is if a tooth comes through. Last night she could only sleep well propped up and was completely uninterested in nursing, so at least the good thing is that I now know that she doesn't need to nurse at night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Go figure

It is hysterical when I kiss/make funny noises on Moira's left cheek, but not her right one or her forehead.
Who knew?

I get candy now?

I get candy now?
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Sorry kid, Mom and Dad are eating all your candy this year.
Our trip to Canada for Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Moira is completely exhausted now, and spent most of yesterday napping (3.5 hours in the car, 2 hours after we got home, 2 hours after dinner. Actually, I'm not sure if it's exhaustion from too much fun, or being sick. She has a horrible runny nose today and was snuffly and half awake all last night, until I woke her up completely to perform the horrible nose suctioning. She is a trooper though, she handled it better then the last time. I'm not sure whether to hope she gets used to it, or hope that I don't have to do it often enough for her to get used to it.

Anyway. The penguin costume was perfect. Not only did it fit perfectly by Halloween (instead of too big like last week) but people could tell she was a penguin, even with the bill flipped up so she could see. Walker took her out trick or treating with Jade, Forrest & Neil, and said that she really enjoyed seeing all the different houses and people. They were out for more then an hour and she only got upset at the last few blocks on the way home when they had stopped ringing doorbells.

The Martin kids were enthralled with the baby. Even Robin, who tried to pretend that he hates babies. She was pretty interested in them too. And the doggies. I put her on the floor for awhile, and was surprised that only one of the Terriers noticed her. She even managed to lick the baby nicely for a full 30 seconds before getting so excited that she jumped on Moira to better lick her face.
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