Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

Moira and I are going to visit my Nana at her retirement home this afternoon. I wanted her to wear this absolutely adorable outfit (bought by Walker's Aunt, Pickle, you can't see the smocking around the neck and the embroidered roses in this picture) because I figured the old ladies would love it. In a fit of silliness on my part, I put her in it when we got dressed this morning, figuring that she has stopped going through more then one outfit per day all the time, so it would probably be fine.
Silly mommy, of course it's not fine. You can't wear an outfit this fancy without spitting up on it 17 million times in ten minutes, and then leaking out the side of the diaper.
The good news is that the headband stays on her head really well and it didn't seem to bother her to be wearing it, so we will have to remember to put those on more often.
We are now on outfit #2, slightly less cute, but made of denim and therefore less likely to get messy.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are good advertising

We are good advertising
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We went to the Google company picnic. I think these things will be much more fun when Moira can actually participate. It was at Beringer farms. There were bouncy playthings, face painting, and pony rides. There was also a toddler play area, but she's still too small for that even. At least we got to participate in the eating. I cannot believe the number of Googlers (yes, that's what they call themselves. New hires are Nooglers, but I digress) who came up to us in the one hour we were there to say "I didn't know there were baby hats too!"
Also apparently I dressed her like a boy because everyone today thought she was a boy. It's okay with me, but it really embarrassed the lady who told her "you have such a little guy face."
We also saw Sean (from Norwescon) and his family. I talked to his wife a bit and she took a picture of Moira in her little corporate whore outfit. It's nice that has such an unusual name, because it's easy to connect to people I know vaguely through her. There is only the one pearl in NW fandom a far as I know, so if you know a pearl, you know my pearl.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Munsch munsch munsch

I just got a package from one of my distant Canadian relatives that included this book: Moira's Birthday by my favorite Canadian children's book author, Robert Munsch. I had no idea this book existed, so I'm super excited.


I ordered the Pirate! Robeez shoes and they were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. A package did in fact arrive, and the tracking website says that the delivery of my package was confirmed. Unfortunately, the package on my door step is from Crate & Barrel, for someone with a completely different name then mine, and for an address on 83rd street. In fact, everything about the package is so different from what my package and label should have read that I'm completely confused how the mistake happened. I called FedEx right away and they said they would get it fixed ASAP, but the package is still on my doorstep. If the right one doesn't show up by tonight, I get to call and complain again. Whee.

Monday, July 21, 2008

State of the Squidge

Moira does this absolutely adorable thing now when we are cuddling and she is sleepy, where she stares up at me, smiles and makes and actual "goo" sound. It's even cuter then when she's cranky and tries to complain while sucking on my finger, which makes a number of noises, my favorite of which sounds like "Ungy bungy boo."
The baby shower on Saturday was great. Thank you so much [info]mspurplepearl and Mirella for all the work you put in getting ready. Also big thanks to everyone who helped set up. By far the biggest hit of the presents was the baby's first Necronimicon.
Moira had been going through a phase where I was the only person who was allowed to hold her for longer then 10 minutes, but then Willow showed up at the shower and Moira was happy to be held by her for more then half an hour, and the next day, Dad stopped by on his bike ride and held her for almost that long. Yay!
And now,
Act 1, in which Walker attempts to eat the baby only weeks after she is born, when she is most young and tender.
Tasty baby
Act 2, In which Moira exacts her revenge, in a very slobbery way. She may have bitten off more than she can chew there.
Revenge is Tasty!

Dear Robeez

I love your shoes because they stay on baby feet really well and have fun, bright patterns. Yesterday I ordered a pair of shoes from your website. As seems to be normal for kids clothing, you have split your shoes into two categories, girls and boys. I wouldn't have too much of problem with this, except that you split things up in the most stereotypical way. The "girls" shoes are mostly pastel with hearts and cupcakes and things like that. All of the gender neutral options, like monsters, dragons, lions and horses are in the boys section, to speak nothing of the fact that all the soccer balls, guitars and race cars are strictly "boys" shoes. Have you never heard of Mia Hamm? Danica Patrick? Joan Jett? I understand that the vast majority of parents insist on pink, white and purple for their baby girls, but perhaps you could have a unisex section in addition to the boys and girls sections. As you had more choices for boys shoes then girls, it seems like you have the inventory for three sections.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bedtime is for suckers

Bedtime!We have been trying to start a bedtime ritual now that we are in the same place for more then a week. Mostly what that means is that Walker is reading her one or two two books from the gigantic stack that my Dad bought her. Unfortunately, she still has a cranky period every evening starting around 8pm, which we first thought was because she was tired, but if we go to sleep then, she wakes up after 10 minutes to play. So instead, we try to keep her calm for an hour, hour and a half and then start bedtime proceedings. The first picture is what I am hoping the bedtime ritual will look like.
No bedtime!This is what it mostly looks like. She does seem interested in the pictures when she isn't crying, so hopefully she'll be happy to hear the stories soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laundry day

Laundry day
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We are reasonably well settled into the new house now. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of boxes left to unpack, but for the most part, the important things have been found. Now if I could just find the toilet brush.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pauvre Bebe

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As I suspected when the random days of full tilt screaming started and I noticed the white squares on her gums, I'm pretty sure Moira has teeth coming in. I can feel little sharp things on her gums in the spots where the white squares are. Reasons this is weird:
1) She's not even 2 months old yet, and this started shortly after she was 1 month old. Teething normally starts between 3 and 12 months (helpful timeframe, huh?)
2) The teeth coming through are on the sides, not in the front. At least she got the on top part right.
3) She only started chewing in the last few days. I tried offering a frozen washcloth to chew on a month ago and she had no use for that. In fact, since she's so small and the teeth possibly coming in are on the sides, I'm not sure she could get most teething toys far enough into her mouth.