Sunday, June 29, 2008


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On Wednesday, Moira discovered the baby in the mirror. She had been screaming full tilt. Two hotels in two days plus an airports, meeting new people and no Daddy was too much for her to handle, but the baby in the mirror was a really good distraction.

I actually rejected a couple of baby names because I didn't like how they sounded backwards. Walker thought I was silly, but it's a proud family tradition based on the fact that Dad's name is Sille Regnillih. That's also probably 50% of why I wanted to keep my last name. Nnamua is cool, but it's no Regnillih.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Squidge and I are safely in Seattle (well, SeaTac). Dad bought a used car seat (that he is retunring today) so that he could give us a ride from the airport to the hotel. All three of the appointments we had set up with people to clean the house were late, so Walker didn't get to leave until 6:30. Hopefully he makes the rest of his drive safely.

Monday, June 23, 2008

State of the Moira update

Hello strange new world
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In the last week, Moira has developed some major leg strength. She can support her weight for up to ten minutes at a time, depending on how interesting things are to look at in the general vicinity.
She has also discovered how fun it is to be upside down. She will hang out like in this picture for longer then I am comfortable with. I make her sit back up when the top of her head turns purple. What I think is most odd about this behavior is how silent she while she does it.

The movers are here packing all of our belongs now. The noise is interesting enough to her that she was mostly motionless for almost an after her breakfast listening to the crumpling of paper.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Moira

It is hard to feed you if you constantly have your hands near your mouth. That is all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because I am intensely frustrated

With my wonderful daughter who is refusing to stay asleep longer then 10 minutes (or until I change positions) while her father is out of town and the only person around is my Mom who cannot hold her for longer than a few minutes, because of the MS.

Things I like about the Squidgelet:

Most of the noises she makes are of a variety normally heard from little old men clearing their throats.
She has started trying to smile at me, instead of just randomly when she feels satisfied.
In the right light sometimes her eyes are purple, which makes the 13 year old inside me very happy.
When she stretches in her sleep, her lips form the Mick Jagger pout, which I cannot replicate because my lips always go pouty when I try.
This staying asleep problem does not happen at night, so I'm getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh dear

With the help of the sloped couch, Moira just managed to flip herself from her back to her side to her tummy. I guess this means I should stop walking away from her when she's on the changing table.

Compare and contrast

Willow took this picture of Moira emulating me (in ways other then looking worried, that is):
Like mother, like daughter

Ruth & Shannon Stairs 2
You have no idea how much I wish Mom had saved that little dress. So cute!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quintessential Google Picture

Quintesential Google Picture
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We went to Google for lunch today. Walker wanted to get a quintessential Google picture, but since we aren't allowed to take pictures inside the buildings, we didn't have many options. Enter Stan, who lost his badge recently due to weather, but has gained a snazzy mustache. We would have taken more pictures, with me holding her in his mouth or something, but the batteries on the camera died.