Monday, March 31, 2008

Villa Cucina

Close to a month ago, Walker and I put an offer on a house. Pictures here:
We had our inspection two Thursdays ago, which lasted 5 hours. We are trying to renegotiate the price, based on the ridiculous list of things that need to get fixed (The garage door doesn't stay open! AWESOME!), however, our offer isn't officially accepted yet because they over mortgaged themselves, so this will be a short sale, and the bank has to agree to the reduced price. So far, it has taken them 3 weeks to get to the point where the seller's agent knows who at the bank is working on our case. Teh awesome.

The inspection lasted so long that one of the owners came home before we left. She told Walker and I lot of interesting things (Like how it was wired so we could take the TV outside when entertaining, and watch it on the patio. Why would we want to do that?) She also told us about the time she got locked in the garage, and where she hid the extra key after that. Yeah, we'll be fixing that.

What are you doing?

Over the last 9 months or so, I have been slowly working on my strangest craft project yet, four crosstitched Dean Stockwell's. I say slowly because early pregnancy completely knocked out my ability to craft. Really, most of them (read three entire heads) were done in the three weeks before Norwescon. Anyway, here are the finished products. More information on them is available if you look at them on Flickr.
David's Stole
Alton's Stole