Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why EA sucks, the continuing saga

To start with, let me just say that I haven't been happy with EA since they bought Maxis and fired the professional play testers. I guess it's more cost efficient to release a super buggy game and an eventual patch then to pay people to find the most obvious problems. And yes, they do ask fans of their games to come in and do free play testing, but then if that's actually finding the bugs, they don't bother to fix them. Whatever.

You may remember my previous post about Rock Band. I still adore the game, we are having fun. It sucks that we have to play expert or not get any more fans now.

However, our drum pad was broken straight out of the box. Not horrifically broken, we just can't go up on the control pad. It's a good thing that it's still usable, because we still have those original drum pads. Customer support has been a phenomenally frustrating experience. So far, since December 4th our request for replacement has, 1) disappeared into the ether, 2) gotten us an XBox 360 drum pad, 3) despite having originally set up the express shipping, turned into standard, which equals an empty box, and 4) gotten us a guitar instead of the drum pads.

The customer service agent I talked to today apologized profusely, told me to keep the guitar, set me up with express shipping without the credit card hold, and made extra triple sure that everything was correct on his end. I am, however, not trusting that this will help since EVERY customer service agent has been equally good at double checking the facts. I think the problem is actually in the shipping department.

Oh, did I mention that the "free" guitar they sent us is broken? Yay, it's been more than 24 hours since I talked to a customer service agent, and I was beginning to miss them. At least, because I've had so many different service numbers on my two returns, I get to frequently fill out customer satisfaction surveys a lot. I wonder if they care how unhappy with them I am.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My first revolution

I had the 20 week ultrasound last week. I was amused by the idea to begin with because people kept explaining it to me as a way to make sure that all the body parts were in the right place, which lead me imagine the horrible look on the tech's face if there was an arm growing out of it's chest or something.
It turns out that our baby is not a mutant, and everything is in the right spot, however, when the tech was trying to get a profile pictures for us to take home and, I guess, post on our fridge or something, it had it's arm in the air and it's hand in a fist the whole time.
Viva la fetal revolution! Down with maternal hegemony! [info]firesika and [info]estrellada will be so proud.