Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Teh suck

Rock Band is awesome, and I really like it. It would, however, be much more awesome if the guitar and drums controllers weren't having massive failures. Walker and I played a lot (him on guitar, me on vocals) on Sunday after getting home from Pheonix, with no problems. Then we finally decided to try the tutorials (in a desperate attempt on my part to figure out how I'm supposed to be doing the big rock ending), and he had trouble with the guitar.
Yesterday, we tried to play again, and it turns out that the strum bar is broken, but only on the down strum. I made him plug in the drum kit so we could make sure that it worked, and the directional pad doesn't register up. That means there is no way to play the drums on easy, and I suppose that would be okay, except that the drums are the hardest instrument to play.
Fortunately, these problems are happening so much they have a special webpage set up to handle your complaint and get you a return. In the ten minutes between finishing the form for the guitar and the for for the drum kit, 32 other complaints were registered. And they ran out of UPS tracking numbers for the day. I would feel bad for the company, except that it's EA and they seem to thrive on fiascoes. The form actually talked about how extensive their testing process was, and they wanted to insure everyone's satisfaction. That just can't be true, unless their testing process was to strum once on each guitar to make sure that worked, because people are getting instruments that are broken out of the box, or break after one day of use. If only EA actually believed in paying real play testers, this sort of thing might not happen so much. Or you know, if they hadn't redesigned the guitar controller halfway through filling the orders.

Whatever. the new guitar should show up in two days. I still don't have a tracking number for the drum kit. I kind of wonder if I could just drive down to EA's campus and return them that way.