Saturday, December 9, 2006

Michigan is funny

All week long, Aubrey (Walker's brothers wife) and I have been giggling over misspellings on signs and things. This started when, on our way out of Detroit we noticed a McDonalds with a sign reading "Came in and see are new patio." At least they spelled patio right.

It's really quite funny how little proofreading seems to happen here. I wonder what happened with that sign. Did the manager just give someone the box of letters and now that they are up, doesn't want to bother changing them, or has no one noticed?

Anyway, the best one we've found was at the lawyers office the other day. Walker is reading through the paperwork he has to sign for probate, and finds this line: "If anyone contests the estate, there will be a hearing, unless one is specifically requested." He points it out to the paralegal who notices that this has been the written version of this paperwork, mandated by the state since 2003. There is nothing we can do to get it edited so it says what they mean, this is exactly what he has to sign.

But hey, at least in this case, if someone DOES try to contest, we have a valid argument for the courts not to schedule a hearing.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

You know what I love?

SNOW! Pretty snow that I am not going to shovel tomorrow, despite what Walker thinks. It's nice to look at as it floats by the window. Plus it makes all the cars look nicer, and then you can't see the rust.

You know what I don't love?
Double probate. Doesn't that just sound FUN?

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Oh geez golly

I strongly recommend that anyone out their with children and/or assets get a will. Walker's mother died on Monday and now all her children are here trying to 1) make sure the adopted underaged children don't get shunted back into foster care and 2) learning of the joys of probate.
Did I mention that she has many unpaid bills? That the house will be automatically sold and the funds used to pay those off all at once? Such joy and glee! Merry effin Christmas!

Alternatively, if you have parents or in laws, especially if you are not an only child, I highly recommend asking (politely) if your parent's have wills.

Now if you will excuse me, I haven't slept since 7am on Tuesday morning.