Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Because I said I would

Here finally are pictures of the scary plushy demons I have made.

This is an Elder Demon from Nethack. Terrifying isn't he? Walker's still trying to figure out which Demon it is, I think we should let Alex decide, since it's a present for him.

Plushy Ithaqua loves to go shopping. He was a BIG hit at Weaving Works. Apparently, we should be knitting him little outfits. I have plans to make some mini Ithaquas from the leftover fabric.
I hope he looks Ithaqua-y enough. There are only two pictures of Ithaqua that I could find on the web, and then the one in the new Arkham Horror. Plus the one short description from the book. "Ithaqua, the Wind Walker, appears as a cloud of fog or snow, huge but human in shape with blazing red eyes. When seen passing overhead, one gets the illusion of two bright stars close together."

Friday, March 17, 2006

The phone company cut our DSL line when they were disconnecting my neighbors. Because we are DSL customers and not phone customers, they won't do service on the weekend, so we won't have internet until Monday after 10am. Assuming they actually show up this time, instead of rescheduling it without telling me like they did today.

I don't mind being without the internet, as much as the fact that this means that Walker won't be able to come home at the usual time, since he won't be able to do work at home. It probably also means he'll spend a lot more of his weekend at work then the previously planned Saturday until noon.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Poor Kimi Raikkonen

In qualifying for the first F1 race this year, he had the most spectacular accident I've ever seen that did not involve contact with anything other then his own car. His rear wing fell off, causing him to spin 360 degrees in the air, and shearing off his rear right tire.
Speaking of Formula One qualifying. The new qualifying rules are very silly. The announcers are enthusiastic about them, but they also don't understand everything yet.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today is a great day!

Our new sleeper sofa finally arrived today! We ordered it in the second week of January, so this has been a long wait. It is so comfy to sit on, and the extra pillows make it much easier to prop my cross stitch patterns up so that I can read them. The only thing that feels weird is how much taller this sofa is then our old sofa.
The really best part is that they gave me a 4 hour window in which to expect the delivery today, and it arrived within the first 2 hours. That's always nice.
Excuse me while I go do my happy sofa dance again.