Saturday, December 31, 2005

All right pink_adidas, you were right

Stewie got me a present for Christmas. It is this.
It's very adorable, and I love it, but Walker needs to head to Fry's before that, and another of my Christmas presnts will even work. Yay planning and forethought!

Friday, December 30, 2005

In shoe news

Carlos Santana has his own line of shoes.
The mind boggles as to why.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

They have just announced on the radio that there is an 100% percent chance that it will rain today, and that is is raining. I like that.
It always annoys me when the forecast is for anything less then a 100% chance of rain, as it is in my online weather forecast, when they also say the current weather is rain. Seems like that would require a temporal shift.

Two funny things today.

Of interest to [info]verysmallcat, soon you will be unable to buy Wonderbread in Washington and Oregon. Apparently people here like whole grains too much. It is the end of an era.
But then, I suppose you usually buy the Wonderbread alike knock offs, which are still widely available.

Also, some prisoners managed to escape from a Florida prison over the weekend by tying their bedsheets together and climbing out the window. I guess that had to happen some time.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Our printer hates me

And Dell's customer service person had no clue how to fix it, or even be remotely helpful, since every time he did actually tell me how to do something that might help, it was because he had put me on hold so he could ask someone else what to do.
I may just have to take my photo paper up to Seattle with me, and use my Dad's printer.
*kicks things*
In other news, I finished the baby quilts, and have had a whole weekend off from them. Yay! I think I've decided not to use the picture paper for the pics of these, since I need to include the explanation about where they are going. Plus, I couldn't find 4x6 envelopes.
I would post pictures, but they won't upload.
Maybe it's the computer that hates me. But in a new and horrible way.
*edited to add*
I managed to make it so the printer won't print anything. Go me!
Hopefully Walker can fix it when he gets home.
I hate today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


My mood is all over the place today. I blame quilts. That, and a lack of external stimulation.
I had this conversation with myself today.

Why do I have to work on more baby quilts?
Because this was your idea, and it beats trying to figure out what David B. wants.
I hate this quilt.
No, actually it's quite cute. Even if it is patriotic.
Okay, but I hate cowboy printed fabric.
Yes, but it's still cute.
True. I hate the Christmas tree. Why did I put it in the only spot that was big enough to baste quilts?
Because that was also the only good spot for the Christmas tree. And you love the Christmas tree. Look how cute it is. Use the kitchen table instead.
I don't WANT to use the kitchen table.
Fine, what do you want to do then?
Not work on quilts.
Not an option.
Fine. I'll use the kitchen table.
You should get Famine to help you.
Yeah, like that's a good idea.
This quilt is really cute.

Monday, December 5, 2005


I can't believe how cold it is here. I'm in sweaters and warm pj pants all the time. Sometimes even two sweaters.
And it's only 62 degrees in the house.
*kicks things*
I blame Thanksgiving in Arizona. Hopefully Christmas in Seattle will fix this, so that when we come home, it feels warm again.
Walker is still wearing shorts on some days.
I am officially a wuss.