Saturday, July 30, 2005

Today I went to the San Francisco Opera Sale! I got there at 11 and was in line unil 2. Then I was through shopping at 2:30, but mostly because I refused to let myself even look at anything that was more the $25. I did catch glimpses of the $100 and $300 racks while I was looking at fabrics and they were gorgeous, so I'm glad I didn't. [info]joeychen I highly recommend it. I think they will still have piles and piles of things on Sunday.
I got a bolt of white lining for my wedding dress, a bolt of purple and pink sari fabric (uncut) and a bolt each of red and green shot silk. Too bad neither of them is th right colour to go with what I've already collected for my 18th century walking dress, but they are still pretty. I should just give up and have an all red and green wardrobe. I can be like Purple Marc, only I'll be Christmas Shannon.
I also got some black crinkly cotton to make a poet shirt for Walker, and a lime green cape.
Now I just need to start working on things. Probably the wedding dress first, now that I have the under fabrics for it. I'll need to figure out what stays I want to use.
My house smells like opera now!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

From googleism

jessica is so cool
sika is a global company with a world

My thumb is a tasty mouse

Walker needs to socialize the corn snakes better. They seem to think that anything moving is food now. Despite the fact that they ate on Saturday so they could not possibly be hungry, one of them tried to eat my thumb. A different one tried that on Walker while Tillie was here.
I guess this means it is time to play with snakes! We'll wait for Walker to get home first though.

Also, Stewie would make an excellent hearing assistance dog. Every time my phone rings he goes and stands next to it, wherever it is.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I had a fabulous time this weekend at the Pitch'n'Bitch! Thank you again [info]joeychen for nagging me to go.
There were enough people there that there were always at least two groups of conversations going on, and I usually managed to be in one of them. I'm insanely proud right now of how I no longer let my old social anxiety affect me. I think that all those Craft Days really helped get me over it. The only negative was the heat. It was over 100 degrees on Saturday. We spent most of that day at the lake.
I got to know [info]clynne who shared a tent with me better, which is wonderful. She caught me up on 10 year old gossip about [info]metaltweety. I love old gossip.
And today, when I checked lj, some of the ladies I met had already friended me! Now to try and figure out who exactly they all are.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Post from Inbetweenland

Yesterday was Google's summer picnic. I now firmly believe they are the silliest company on earth.
The theme was "Childhood games" so different sections of the park were labeled "Monopolyland", "Candyland", and "Twisterland"
There were carnival rides, and cotton candy and food and all sorts of stuff. Plus there was spin art. I always loved spin art.
My favorite part, by far, was that when walking between "Monopolyland" and everything else, you passed through "Inbetweenland" where a man was standing on a rainbow island shouting "Welcome to Inbetweenland, that was is Monopolyland, that way is Twisterland and Candyland!" It had to be the single most boring job at the picnic.
Unfortunately, Walker was pretty out of it. He is on call for the first time this week. So he has now spent three nights this week up late fixing things, even last night when Dublin was technically in charge. So we just ate and looked around and then he went back to work.

Today I go to the Pitch'n'Bitch with [info]joeychen. She and her friends get together once a year for camping and crafting. This should be a blast.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Walker had both Monday and Tuesday off this week. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to go to the Great America that is 15 minutes away.
I think the last time I was at an amusement park was 6 years ago, when I went to Busch Gardens. I forgot how fun it is to be thrown around upside down.
I'm not sure Great America is worth getting season passes, even though it's so close. We will have to try out the Six Flags before we decide.
Now the next major thing we need to do is go to Monterey Bay. It's a 2 hour drive, but according to Zagat, it is the number 3 family amusement in the country. Better rated then Disneyland. Also, during the winter, they have a special day where you can go and meet the penguins.
We've already decided to get memberships.

And I finally, pictures!

As promised, I finally took pictures of the house. That part was actually easy, once I found the camera, the hard part was figuring out which computer could upload them.

The pool is big enough for three people to do laps side by side, but the diving board is about 2 feet. maybe a foot and a half. It's comical. More so since there is a safety fence around the pool and since the backyard is so small you would have to climb over the ladder at the back of the pool to get to it.
Suffice it to say, no one has used the diving board yet.

Here is half the living room. You do not get to see the other half as it is covered in boxes right now. At any rate, this room is twice as big as this.

This is the guest bedroom. The only room that is completely unpacked. It is also the only bedroom with an overhead light. The living room also doesn't have an overhead light. We need more lamps.

This is the tiny bathroom, just a sink and a toilet. It is all white in reality, which is probably why it showed up yelow.

The big bathroom. The whole tub/shower is tiled in that pretty pink tile around the sinks.

And last but not least:

Saturday, July 2, 2005

It's time to play the music!

[info]metaltweety and I just ordered THIS
So excited! Now we just have to wait till August.
Walker: We'd be off having a life if we didn't have a pool!
Tillie: Awww. Poor you.