Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some one out there really loves me!

Over the weekend, someone started faking ihappymedium accounts to try and send me a virus. "" has reset my password! How nice of them. Especially considering that I didn't have a password for my e-mail there in the first place.
This morning when I checked there were 18 messages from whoever it is. 18. This is apparently a VERY important virus.
Do they realize that sending me more messages does not make them more believable?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I found this feed: [info]caquakes, after the tsunami warning and now everytime there is an earthqauke in California, my LJ tells me so. Unfortunatly it seems to register multiple times for earthquakes that last longer then a few seconds, so it seems like there are more earthquakes then there really are, but it's all good. And so far, they've all been under a magnitude of 5.

The weirdest part about [info]metaltweety nondisclosure agreement is walking into the den to see what that noise is, having him tell me it's something I'm not supposed to see, and then just having to walk out without further discussion.

This weekend [info]estrellada comes to visit. Much fun will be had by all. Also, Walker gets Monday and Tuesday off from work, so we will actually have time to do something fun together, like go to Great America.

I took pictures of the house, and of Etienne in the pool, but I need Walker's help to upload them. Hopefully this weekend I will actually get around to that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Delayed posting due to apathy

sugardivalish and littlebooboy came to visit me and Walker last week. It was lots of fun. Lyss was the BEST guest. I forsee us starting a mutual admiration society any day now. Also Etienne was so well behaved and happy. I was surprised with how well he dealt with the interuption in his normal schedule.
Things we did:
Etienne went swimming for the first time ever. He was really not sure of it at first, but he got used to it. Mostly he enjoyed running around the perimeter of the pool while I followed him in the water, just in case he fell in. He found a rubber duck in an old pot by the far corner of the pool, and I think that means that this is indeed the right house for us.
We wandered around Berkely twice. The first time with verysmallcat, who was in town as a roadie for a Kabuki show. Lyss took us to the best crepe place. We all wished the crepes would travel well so that we could just buy a bunch and eat them for the rest of the week. They also showed me a great game store in Berkely, which I have every intention of going to frequently, and never mind the fact that we no longer have people to game with. The second time was on Sunday, and Walker took us to a fondue place highly recommended by clynne. The owner was very interested in Etienne, and was very upset when told that the baby was going back to Seattle. He offered him a job in the restaurant and we told Etienne that it was probably the best deal he was going to get for a long time. But he seemed uninterested.
Most people we encountered were very interested in Etienne. He gets more attention then any other baby I've been with.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Slow Wave goes to San Fransisco.

Monday, June 13, 2005

From the Redwood City website

"Climate best by government test?" We think so! Our proximity to San Francisco Bay keeps our climate moderate and comfortable year ‘round. Redwood City averages 20 inches of rainfall per year, and has an average high temperature of 77° from April through September, and 63° from October through March, with over 160 sunny days per year.

However today it got over 80 degrees inside the house, and probably 85 outside. Stupid averages.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Long long ago

Back when Wells Fargo was first moving into Washington, Washington Mutual ran some ads showing a classroom with a bunch of bank employees trying to learn how to pronounce things like "Tukwila" and "Puyallup" These mispronunciations I understood, and there was one where [info]firesika and I never did figure out what they were trying to say (It wasn't Sequim). But they also managed to mangle Everett, which I thought was silly. Sika told me that she and her Dad liked to drive around with her Grandmother from California and listen to her try to pronounce the names.
Now that I'm down here, I understand why it is hard, until you are used to coastal native names, to pronounce things. I have no concept of how you are really supposed to pronounce "Alameda de las Pulgas" and if you were to shorten it, which part you would say. I think I'm pronouncing it right, since I have a vague concept of how Spanish sounds from high school, but I won't really know until I hear a native say it. And since no one offers, say, "Salish" as a language credit in high school, I can see how it would hard.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Why I hate Bank of America

When we went to change our address and add me to Walker's existing account, we were told we needed to create a new account in California, so we did.
We received our checks within the week, and my debit card after another week and a half. We did not get a debit card for Walker.
I called the 1-800 number to activate the card and was told that I needed to finish activating my debit card at an atm, so I took some checks to the atm to deposit them and was informed that I was entering the wrong pin number, despite the fact that I got to choose it and I chose the same one I was using on my old account. I called the help number. I explained my problem, the lady cheerfully informed me that my debit card WAS activated and I could use it anytime I wanted. I reexplained my problem and she said, "Okay, I'll reset your pin number." Then she said that if that didn't work I'd have to go into the bank and have it changed there. It didn't work.
We decided to wait and do all our angry banking at once, today.
So Walker calls the bank and is informed that he is not on the account, despite the fact that his name is on the checks along with mine AND they took all his information down at the branch when starting the account including having him fill out the debit card paperwork.
Not only that, we were given a choice on our check holder, so we requested green and were sent a blue one. Walker is currently on the phone finding out if we can just keep his existing Washington accounts. If they say no, I may get my wish to transfer to everything to a different bank. *Eyes local Washington Mutual branch hopefully*

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Roll baby!

While I was away, Walker bought Katamari Damancy!
So much rolling fun. I like how living things continue to squirm after you have picked them up in your ball. Also how there is a "plot" involving strange mystical children with no actual discernible point.
"The cosmos! It is calling!"

Monday, June 6, 2005

Dear stupid-head

There is no such thing as a "secular jihad"

Ugh. Weekend.

I was in Seattle this weekend to work at a craft fair that [info]mspurplepearl and I signed up for before Walker even applied at Google. It didn't go as well as we had hoped, but better then the one we did over Christmas. We have mutually agreed that we as people are not designed for selling our stuff this way.
The big comfort is that we did better then the other vendors. The really annoying part was when we complained to the head of the fair about things like the Vendor coordinator not actually talking to any of the vendors all weekend, and people refusing to buy from us because we weren't a part of the church, she pretty much ignored us.
[info]pink_adidas came out on Friday and Saturday and kept us company, which was great fun. And helped us have a much better time. We gave up early on Sunday though and started packing up around noon, which turned out to be excellent timing, since it started raining right as we were getting things over to the car.
Then Pearl, Mirella and I went to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which made us all cry. Pearl and I have decided that it was only because we were so tired. Then we went back to her house, had sushi and passed out.

While I was gone, [info]metaltweety not only cleaned out the garage and the boxes from the kitchen, but he unpacked all the cds, so now both the dining nook in the kitchen and the living room are actually usable. This was a great surprise to come home to.

This makes me giggle. So cute!