Friday, April 15, 2005

Pore object lust

Walker and I got a coupon in the mail from Bed, Bath and Beyond for 20% the entire purchase. Usually the ones that come are for 20% off one item, so since they are located in the same building as Walker's office we went on a spree.
We are now the proud owners of:
An electric kettle
One set of 1000 thread count sheets, color cream
Steak knives
A purple dicroich glass mosaic soap dish
A spoon rest
And some other more boring items.

I am especially excited about the electric kettle, which I'm not unboxing until we move and the spoon rest. Spoon rests are hard to find and I have wanted one ever since I realized they existed. Plus this one is green.

We got two towels that were on super sale as well. Walker wasn't sure if we should saying, "Maybe we should wait to find out what colour the bathroom will be?" and me shouting, "They are $4!!!!"
Well maybe I only shouted that in my head.

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