Friday, April 22, 2005

Gakked from Breklor

Although [info]elfflame did something similar recently.

1. Take the lyrics to a favorite song.

2. Go to Google Language Tools,
translate the lyrics into German,
then from German to French,
and finally from French back into English.

3. Post the results verbatim.

4. Invite friends to guess the song based on the interesting new lyrics.

I expect this one will be easy, to those who have heard the song. But I thought it was hysterical.

De Oh- sees how the fog is above the field. The day of the battle is gained. And there, in the free place of state Warriors was gained by AnTir, them courageously and bloddy a battle. If you fill our basins with Ale, or the wine or the beer, we are we fear together never. And we drink to the bottom a toast, and bonny with the courageous owner who for the flag of AnTir to fight.

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