Saturday, April 30, 2005

The easy way to tell you are in Silicon Valley

Every hotel or motel, including the Super 8, advertises their free high speed internet.

How to move to California

1)Let fiance accept job with amazing benefits and relocation packages. They will pay to move almost everything involved, except for pets and trailers, plus they won't care if you pack some of your stuff yourself *cough*Boeing*cough*. This will leave you with the horrible feeling that nothing is coordinated for the move, since you haven't taken care of anything, but it's much easier on your back and cell phone bill, so go along with it.
*********When one small part isn't taken care of properly, but the solution is remedied immediately, feel free to throw a temper tantrum at fiance anyway. You deserve it!
2)Put snakes and plants in car before packing people show up. Decide you can leave them there. Right before you leave, fiance will decide to clean out cages so that the car doesn't smell like dirty snakes for the whole trip down. Bring them in the house for a quick swim and drink. Find drinking snakes insanely cute. Watch one snake drink for five minutes straight.
*********Before taking Famine back out to the car, check to make sure that no mothers with small children are walking by the front door. Infants may be snack sized, and the legal problems resulting would foul up plans for leaving today.
3)Northern Oregon's I-5 has been designed by drugged monkeys. Do not, under any circumstances, get off the highway.
*********When you do get off the highway, realize that making a hairpin left turn across three lanes of traffic to get back on as directed is insane with the trailer, despite being worth an extra 10,000 points. Taking a longer route is recommended for novice players.
4)Give fiance rundown on what constitutes acceptable dining options. Explain complicated system: Sherry's is below Dennys but above IHOP. Waffle House is below everything, including Jack in the Box.
*********No matter how prominently it is listed on the lodgings available sign, McDonalds will not let you sleep there.
5)Bring a book to read out loud. This helps pass the time, plus it's cute.
*********Decide that you like the Wicked Witch of the West, for no other reason then that she is green. Green is a good color.
6)Don't be a backseat driver, or a passenger's seat driver as the case may be. It will be a less stressful trip for you if you just give up all driving decisions. Decide this doesn't apply when he still hasn't called Steve when we are two hours away. Remind him to get gas while you are at it, and explain how to properly merge in heavy traffic with a trailer. Sigh to self since fiance doesn't know this already.
*********When car almost runs out of gas, you may be tempted to begin giving out instructions. Don't do it. Imagine instead that if the car runs out of gas because he isn't paying attention, the answer as to who gets to walk to the gas station is obvious. This thought is even more appealing the second time it almost happens.
7)Stop in Redding for lunch. Find the Cafe that fashion forgot. It smells good, and the customers appear to be locals. It will turn out to be a chinese/american place. Do not be dissuaded by the fact that it was last redecorated in the 60's.
*********Order the beef with broccoli. It is extremely tasty. There is only a tiny amount of rice, but a large amount of broccoli.
8)Stare out window at the wildflowers. Be glad you are doing this in spring when there are more flowers. Wonder why the Scotch Broom cuts off suddenly in southern Washington and never reappears.
*********You will see large clumps of beautiful purple flowers. You will be reminded of [info]mspurplepearl. Laugh to self and wish you had a camera. Remember how poorly all the photos you took out the car window of wildflowers turned out on your last trip. Wish instead that you could capture the color of the flowers and surrounding foliage in fabric.
9)Arrive at temporary house in Sunnyvale. Take a bath and stick tongue out at fiance.
*********Watch out for Dampires. Laugh hysterically over the many bad Buffy puns floating through your head. Be glad you aren't staying in Santa Clara as you didn't like Lost Boys that much anyway.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Imporatant information

As of tonight, my Mom is the pround owner of my cell phone. If you need to reach me, please call Walker's number instead of my 5555 one. If you don't have Walker's number, please email me at maydela at drizzle dot com and I will send it to you.
I'll let everyone know when I have a new phone with a shiny Bay Area area code.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Gakked from Breklor

Although [info]elfflame did something similar recently.

1. Take the lyrics to a favorite song.

2. Go to Google Language Tools,
translate the lyrics into German,
then from German to French,
and finally from French back into English.

3. Post the results verbatim.

4. Invite friends to guess the song based on the interesting new lyrics.

I expect this one will be easy, to those who have heard the song. But I thought it was hysterical.

De Oh- sees how the fog is above the field. The day of the battle is gained. And there, in the free place of state Warriors was gained by AnTir, them courageously and bloddy a battle. If you fill our basins with Ale, or the wine or the beer, we are we fear together never. And we drink to the bottom a toast, and bonny with the courageous owner who for the flag of AnTir to fight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am no longer homeless!

Last night Walker and I filled out a rental application for ahouse we have only seen in pictures. And now, it is OURS. 3 bedrooms, 1.25 baths, 1350 square feet. And a POOL!!!!! Plus it has a fridge, which I now count as a big bonus.

The address, for those who are interested is: 3553 Jefferson Ave., Redwood CIty, CA 94062
And if you are ever going to be in the Bay Area, let us know so you can come visit us.

We still don't know when we are moving, although the house is ours as of Sunday. Hopefully we will know tomorrow when the moving company can come get the stuff.

Monday, April 18, 2005

We saw 8 houses this weekend, although we only went inside 6 of them. It's still a lot of houses. I took notes, and I still got confused. It's a good thing I wrote down "nice" when I liked a place or I never would have remembered that the third house we saw was a favorite.
That one had everything we wanted, even the garage, but we found out later that it had been leased before we even saw it.
Now we are trying for two houses, one is less then 4 miles to Walker's new office, so he could bike to work, but it has virtually no counter space in the kitchen, mostly due to the fact that the washer and dryer are in there. I'm figuring we can buy something to put on top of at least the dryer to turn it into a counter top. There's also room for a premade counter or island to fit in there.
The second one is big and beautiful, with a family room in addition to three bedrooms and a nice sized garage. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a washer/dryer or a fridge, which our agent assures us is normal, but I have never been to view a house for rent without one. The house is also rented by the owners, no agent involved and they are VERY concerned that whoever moves in there is clean and gets along with the neighbors. Since it was the last house we visited and then we talked to the man while we were waiting at the airport, I'm fairly sure we didn't make the best impression possible.
Here's hoping that our ability to move in right away works in our favor for one of the places.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Silly Alaska Airlines!

Pearl was telling me the other day that the SeaTac airport parking lot was full for the first time in a long time and this meant good things for business. We then discussed the perils of over booking. Why, when youe industry is tanking and you are struggling desperately to stay afloat would you continue a practice that costs you money.
Well, today Walker and I have agreed to go on a later flight to Portland, and then connect to a fligth to Seattle in exchange for a free round trip ticket for anytime we want, anywhere, within a year. We plan to use it at Thanksgiving thereby saving us at least $500, assuming we use the companion fare Walker gets with his Visa card every year. The flight from Portland to Seattle is now overbooked to accommodate us, so there's the possibility that we can do this all over again for another set of free tickets we can use for Christmas.
All of the flights from San Jose to Seattle today are booked. All the flights from Oakland to Seattle and San Fransisco to Seattle are booked. Apparently this happens every Sunday. They have no current plans to add flights. If you plan to come visit us, we now recommend that you arrange to leave any day BUT Sunday. Or buy a ticket for Sunday, but plan to return home Monday anyway.

BTW Sika, they no longer do the inspirational napkins.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Pore object lust

Walker and I got a coupon in the mail from Bed, Bath and Beyond for 20% the entire purchase. Usually the ones that come are for 20% off one item, so since they are located in the same building as Walker's office we went on a spree.
We are now the proud owners of:
An electric kettle
One set of 1000 thread count sheets, color cream
Steak knives
A purple dicroich glass mosaic soap dish
A spoon rest
And some other more boring items.

I am especially excited about the electric kettle, which I'm not unboxing until we move and the spoon rest. Spoon rests are hard to find and I have wanted one ever since I realized they existed. Plus this one is green.

We got two towels that were on super sale as well. Walker wasn't sure if we should saying, "Maybe we should wait to find out what colour the bathroom will be?" and me shouting, "They are $4!!!!"
Well maybe I only shouted that in my head.

Good morning snake

One of the corn snakes got out of their cage this morning, or last night. Fortunately she decided to show herself to me so I caught her before she hid completely. This was only scary because there is no obvious way that she got out. The best I can figure is that the strings attaching the catches on the lid have stretched over time and they can now wedge the ild open just barely enough to get out.
I'm glad we noticed now and not while the movers were here, or when Stewie found her and got bit.

Tonight we go to Mountain View so we can find an apartment tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Snitched from mspurplepearl's journal

Cause I am too frazzled to retype it right now.

Do you know Walker (MetalTweety )? Did you know that he just got an
incredibly good job offer from Google? Did you know that he and his
beautiful fiancee Shannon (Maydela ) are moving to San Francisco?
That's right, we are incredibly happy/sad about this. Incredibly

So, what are we going to do about it? We're going to have a party of
course! Saturday April 23rd, you can come help us PLAY with them once
more before they go. After all, Walker wants to celebrate his
birthday in the best way possible: by playing games and racing Karts!

Around 3 p.m. Walker and Shannon would love to have you meet them at
Champs Karting in Seattle for 2-3 races. You can find directions to
the Seattle track at their website, ( as
well as information on the other fun activities to do there.

After you're exhausted from the races (or if you can't make it to that
portion of the day), come to my house for food and games. We have
several of the usual favorites, but you are encouraged to bring your
own favorite game as well. The birthday boy loves curry, so we will
be providing chicken curry with rice, as well as some beverages. Since
Shannon doesn't like curry, I'll also prepare the basic items for
potluck sushi. (If you haven't been to this event before, it's great
fun! Email me for details...) The rest of the food is up to you folks,
so bring along some sushi ingredients, or a veggie tray, or a
casserole dish, or whatever! We'll eat and play, then eat some more
and play some more, and I won't be surprised if the playing lasts into
the wee hours of the morning.

So, again, the pertinent details:

Saturday, April 23rd

3 p.m. at ChampsKarting

5 p.m. at Pearl's house (email mspurplepearl at gmail dot com for
directions if you don't have them already)

Come wish Shannon and Walker a bon voyage and many happy returns.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Silly Playstation!

Walker's PS2 has parental controls we can't turn off.
This is normally fine because it doesn't seem to care what game we play, GTA, Sims, everything is okay.
However we have noticed that it seems convinced that some DVD's are not okay according to this system. Namely, The Last Starfighter and The Incredibles.

These are very bad movies for your children. It's important for you all to know that.