Thursday, December 11, 2003

Meme gakked from pearl

01. I did not break 100 lbs until I was 16. People would not believe that I wasn't anorexic.
02. I cannot sit bymyself for too long without a TV or music on.
03. I tend to refer to people by the name they are introduced to me by, as I have a hard time remembering names in the first place.
04. I don't have enough balance to ride a bicycle well.
05. I love listening to music of most styles, but not all, and there are exceptions to this rule.
06. Sometimes I wonder if anyone understands.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online. Unless it's just one word for emPHAsis.
08. I also hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I don't mind people who cannot speak/write in proper English, as long as they have a reason like ESL or severe dyslexia. Those who can not grasp the concept of spelling and punctuation, yet have a high school diploma (or equivalent) should be shot.
10. I live in the state I was born in. However, I've lived in another country.
11. My job doesn't pay well yet.
12. I am lucky to be able to make my own work schedual for the most part.
13. I sometimes must admit I'm shallow about people.
14. I'm glad I've lived long enough to regret my past.
15. I am starting to be cool and at peace with who and what I am.
16. I have been only had three boyfriends and one girlfriend.
17. I have a bad temper that's usually suppressed.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I know I cannot help those with problems but it doesn't stop me from giving advice, which seems to be my way of showing that I care.
20. I check my email multiple times a day, but don't miss it when I can't.
21. I am a singer.
22. I hate when people yell.
23. I want to live in another country for a while someday. One that's more then 2 and a half hours away by car.
24. I was a nanny for 8 years.
25. I love reading science fiction.
26. I love tea but don't drink it often. (but still more than some people, I'm sure)
27. I am curious about other faiths.
28. I'm a weird person.
29. I wonder when the lowest common denominator became a virtue.
30. I seem to like very few animals as pets. I suppose I'd rather see them roam free.
31. I can't really read music, but I can sing along when given sheet music.
32. I still think that humans are just animals and most choose not to rise above that.
33. I fill out memes and quizzes because I'm bored and I enjoy learning more about myself. I usually don't post them.
34. Bratty kids irritate me, but their parents usually irritate me more.
35. I will watch almost any movie except horror and most war films. And psychological thrillers.
36. I believe in fantastical places many folks don't, like hell, other peopled planets, and the World of Two Moons.
37. I have objections to pornography/erotica that demeans one group of people for the entertainment of another group.
38. I don't like crowds, but am oddly comfortable moving through them rapidly.
39. I am in love.
40. I use metaphors that I am not consciously aware of understanding.
41. I like spoiling myself.
42. I like people who are a bit out of the ordinary.
43. My gums suck. Always have, and always will.
44. I live in a house.
45. I am a velvet and satin person on the outside. Inside I am a pajama pants and sweatshirts person.
46. I would rather clean weekly than do housework on a regular basis.
47. I've never willingly followed a trend. Only occasionally do the "cool kids" like what I like.
48. I get carsick unless I can be in the front seat.
49. I am always impressed with the internet.
50. I want to make money creating my crafts. (ie beading, costumes, cards, etc.)
51. I like silence at times.
52. I wouldn't recommend long-distance relationships to anyone, unless a permanent reunion's in sight.
53. I would like to attend church on a regular basis (rather than always be in "Sunday School"). But only if I could find an Anglican church in Seattle.
54. I do not enjoy the company of manic depressives.
55. I like being alone sometimes.
56. I am a too good at letting go of possessions and not good enough at letting go of thoughts.
57. I sometimes miss my high school days.
58. I need to exercise more.
59. I like when my friends write me letters and emails, it makes me feel special.
60. I'm pessimistic and cynical sometimes.
61. I am sarcastic.
62. I cry all the time.
63. I try hard to not overreact about things sometimes. but I do anyway.
64. I wish people would make me mixed CDs and tapes.
65. I have strangely realistic dreams.
66. I rarely have nightmares.
67. I am terrified of ending up lonely and demented.
68. I have a problem with authority figures and I usually don't realize it fast enough.
69. I think brief PDAs are cute. Sucking each other's tonsils out is disgusting.
70. I am a leftist socialist pinko. (I'm so liberal I have to wear shades).
71. I dislike any weather over 75 degrees.
72. I have dreams about people I know.
73. I'm online a lot because I want to stay in touch.
74. I love learning. I hate being "educated".
75. I don't like seeing my friends make a choice that's going to kill them.
76. I no longer judge my friends because they choose differently from me.
77. I love to read, but for some reason I don't as much as I used to.
78. I have read a book more than twice.
79. I try to be open about admitting to the issues I have.
80. I do not believe that my pagan friends and acquaintances are doing anything wrong.
81. I can be hard to deal with sometimes.
82. I hate blood and gore.
83. I am glad I have extremely understanding parents.
84. I my extended family too much.
85. On some issues, I'm very firm in my beliefs.
86. I sometimes think I will never have children. This is not a good thought.
87. I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would oppose gay civil marriage.
88. I never had a firm concept of what being my age would be like.
89. I am too lazy to leave the house to vote so I have an asentee ballott.
90. I hate having the feeling that I don't know where I'm going in life.
91. Neither of my parents ever smoked.
92. I don't use pot or LSD, or any other hard drugs.
93. I have never bought a lottery ticket. I bought two scratch cards once.
94. I can troubleshoot software issues on a computer. But I tend to make other people do it for me.
95. I drink infrequently.
96. I have never had issues with drugs my whole life.
97. I despise making cold calls.
98. I suffer from inertia and must learn to fight it.
99. I have one tattoo, and no plans for another.
100. I am done with this survey now.