Monday, October 13, 2014

What we did last week

Fall crafts
I had plans to can tomatoes all day with Angela, so I set the kids up with a craft kit. They did a great job entertaining themselves for most of the day, and with the help of Angela's super blender we finished the tomatoes before dinner time.

Building a man
It appears that Davis can build with he fort kit now. Mostly he just builds whacking sticks.

Mashed potato salad
We ended up with a big batch of leftover Gak after the Halloween craft day and the kids have been having crazy fun with. Davis likes to make it into mashed potato salad or gumbo. And yes, both recipes require the use of his tools. Moira likes to make sushi rolls with the plastic wrap we are storing it in.

Moira's bird outfit
Moira wanted to dress up like a bird for her class trip to Rikki Tikki Tavi. This was the result.

Davis helps
At park day, Davis decided to help this merry go round full of teenagers go faster. No, he didn't want to get on. Yes, they did help with their feet a little.

Fall field and sky
We had an art day, the fist one in a long time. Moira picked the materials, mixed media with glitter glue. This is us at a pumpkin patch.

Davis had a much more minimalist interpretation. He spent most of his time cutting up black paper, and this was the final result.

Moira's car
Davis asked to get out the legos, and Moira wanted me to build her a car. I walked her through following the diagram and helped her find pieces, and she assembled this almost entirely on her own.

Lego world
I also built a truck for Davis and then when I was doing chores, they collaborated on this lego city.

Checking Davis' legs
We went back to the podiatrist where we found out that Moira's pronation is much better, and Davis's feet are so far looking fantastic.

They got fancy and put on a show.

Davis greatly enjoyed his first interaction with a microscope at nature class.

He also really enjoyed learning how to make a leaf pile and jump in it. And burying the teacher.

He also insists on walking the whole way on this raised planter. Especially the parts where the heather is overgrown and blocking access.

Tailor bird nest
Moira made this Tailor Bird nest in class. There are little sparkly eggs that go with it.

Fairy house
We brought her friend Sammy home after class and they made this fairy house, "Since the last one got knocked down."

Moira's new hair cut
A new haircut! She wanted a bob with it shorter in the back and longer in the front, but then she asked the hair stylist to cut the front shorter. She's happy. Davis was impressed and considered for a little bit getting a hair cut of his own, but then I had to break it to him that a hair cut will make your hair shorter, not longer, so now he says he'll do it only at Minnie's Pet Salon.

Cave spider
We had Animal Encounters class again, and the creatures were less cuddly this time. I thought this cave spider was awesome.

Baby wallaby
I think the kids were most impressed with the Wallaby and Joey.

We can do it!
After class we go to the gym to get some wiggles out. The older kids really enjoyed playing with these blankets. Davis mostly played with the soccer ball.

Magic wands
Moira made dinner again, this time with wand shaped fruit kebabs.

Exploding a diaper
I got to go to GeekGirlCon with my friends JW and Sika. Among other things, we did science! JW got the high score for the day on how much water she could fit in a diaper. We also extracted DNA from strawberries, and discovered that Sika had the thinnest hair of the day.

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