Friday, October 3, 2014

What we did last week

We have two new sets of neighbors, and so another neighbor threw a "get to know you" party. Moira had a lot of fun playing with our next door neighbor's one year old who in turn was enchanted by Davis and wanted to follow him around and do whatever he did.

For Grandpa
Davis has started making art in preparation for his Grandfather's upcoming visit. Yes, it's mostly just tape.

Waiting for CAST
Moira started a twice weekly class at the Seattle Children's Theater. She loves it.

Fred Meyer
The first day of class, I had a bunch of errands to run, and so Davis got to enjoy the Fred Meyer playroom for the very first time ever. Moira is too old to go in there now so it was a special treat.

Stacking at Google
We also had lunch with Walker at work.

Park day
We went to park day, even though it was a little rainy. Moira took her coat off shortly after this picture and didn't complain about getting wet.

Davis made this bracelet with a perfectly repeating pattern. He cut the string himself, so the beads kept falling off but he did it over and over until Pearl finally got it tied for him.

Dance class
Moira's dance class started back up too. It doesn't end until dinner time is supposed to start, so it makes things interesting.

Davis found this branch and pretended to be one of the giant zombies from Plants vs Zombies.

Davis's spiderweb
Davis made this web at the nature class he takes at the Arboretum. I helped a little.

Where's the D?
He really loves this sign near the bee hives, and always wants to stop and find the D's.

Robot Turtles
We had no big plans for an entire weekend so we had a family game day. Everyone got to pick one game for us to play (Mousetrap, Robot Turtles, Castle Panic, and Ticket to Ride), and then we had a grand finale after dinner with Beatles Rock Band.

Moira made dinner
Moira made dinner that night (with a little help from me), hamburgers, cucumber salad, and pineapple milkshakes. Her comment was "Why do my dinners always involve so much chopping?" Welcome to my world, kiddo.

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