Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What we did the last two weeks

The day after GeekGirlCon was Walker's birthday. We spent most of the day hanging around the house. Walker and the kids worked on one of the electrical kits they got him for Father's Day.

The kids and I walked/biked up the hill to the new Gluten Free bakery that just opened to buy Walker a birthday cake. Moira biking down steep hills will never not make me feel super nervous.

Davis still wants to play lots of board games.

Moira has a new penpal, and Moira wouldn't let me finish the letter until she got a chance to write down her answers to each question.

I bought a cheap compass at a back to school sale, so we tried that out on art day. It's too flimsy, and so it's hard to get it to stay in one position. But the kids enjoyed it enough that they asked to use it later in the day to make more circles.

Davis didn't want to go to nature school, but I made him and he enjoyed the indoor activities, especially this sorting one. As soon as it was time to go for a walk he insisted we go home.

Later that day he was less cranky, and we took his sister and friend to the Science Center to see the Ripley's exhibit.

My aunt had the day off from work, so she came over to hang out with us. I got a bunch of work done while she played with the kids. They also painted.

And turned Davis into a robot.

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch, and tried to institute a "you carry your pumpkin" policy, but they were all really big. Davis kept trying anyway.

Davis discovered the joys of really big mud puddles.

And Moira showed off her balancing skills.

I let them get teeny pumpkins at the farm too, and both kids decided to paint them. Moira got it set up all on her own. I love that she can do that now.

We bought a foam roller coaster, and spent an afternoon putting it together. I was pleasantly surprised with how much of it Moira could do on her own.

Moira was interested in the concept of calendar wheels when we were learning about Ireland, so we printed one up for her to color in, and then she figured out how we could hang it up so it can spin. She was in the spotlight that week at her drama class, so she's posing with the class mascot.

Davis I played with Snap Circuits.

Davis didn't want to go to nature class again, because it's too much fun and there are too many kids, so this was our last time. He did enjoy the activities, just not the walking and games

We had a good time at the Nordic Heritage Museum. They've redone some parts of the exhibits, so there was lots of interesting little things to find.

The kids carved pumpkins with Walker. He reports that Moira did her own carving, and Davis tried as hard as he could to get the electric pumpkin carver he bought to work right.

They also finished assembling the lego train Moira bought him for his birthday, and they found out that we can fit the duplo one inside the lego one and they both fit around the christmas tree stand.

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