Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What we did last week

Moira decorated this birthday present for her friend, "because she likes nature, Mom!"

JW and I threw a mother blessing for our good friend Lauren. I had hoped to record the online portion of the blessing, but couldn't figure it out. She seemed to have fun anyway.

I really want to hide the Goldie Blox sets, but Davis gets so much enjoyment out of them. He was very particular about where all the bits were supposed to go.

We got our last Little Passports package. Moira is sad, and so we are discussing signing up for the US version.

We went to homeschool park day with friends and the Dad played catch the snitch with them. Moira particularly liked this game.

Moira went to her second Wildness Awareness class where they tracked animals and came home with plaster prints.

Davis spent some time pretending to be a donut robot for awhile.

While playing with a friend, Davis fell into a radiator and I had to take him to the ER, which is my first parental ER visit ever. At first he insisted that he was fine and didn't need to go, but he enjoyed the movies and popsicles and all sorts of stuff.

We went to a birthday party at JW's and this time we remembered swimsuits. Yay!

I love toddlers eating cake.

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  1. I wish I got movies and popsicles at the ER. All I get is pain drugs that aren't strong enough.