Sunday, September 14, 2014

What we did last week

The kids like to print things off the internet with my Mom. Moira made this crown for her kitty cat.

I need to start building time into our morning schedule to play games with Davis, because he wants to every day, and will cry if we try and go somewhere before we get the chance. I only managed to convince him to leave for a play date by promising we could take one to play when we got there.

Moira made a place card for her seat at dinner in her fancy writing. I love her fancy writing.

She insisted that she needed to stretch before getting out of the car because we'd been in there for so long. Like, a whole 20 minutes.

The kids went to the SHG Not Back to School park day and stayed there with friends while I went to lunch with a friend. They love to sit here and have a campfire.

We went to the member evening at the Zoo, but it was poorly managed and all the lines were really long. Davis wanted to do all the bouncy houses and the carousel, but Moira had her heart set on face painting, and that line barely moved, so we had to leave early in tears.

I started cutting out patterns for their Halloween costumes, and Davis wanted to help. He did manage to stay very close to this line which was not actually attached to a piece we needed since I wasn't sure if he would have the control to do it.

Part of our new yard will be a bigger patio, so Davis got to watch the concrete mixer for a little bit. He loves trucks right now.

We picked up this volcano which dissolved to reveal a sponge dinosaur for one of the days when Moira was off doing something fun without Davis. He seems to be getting a little happier about having solo time with me.

We needed to clean up the living room and Moira decided that she really needed to be able to show her space ship to her friends on the weekend, so she made this sign. It got turned into weaponry after the friends saw it.

Walker and went to another member event at the zoo for our date night. We got to go on a behind the scenes tour of the Day House and, among other things, hold this baby Egyptian Tortoise. It was super cute.

We went to another Fiddlehead Forest class where I discovered that Davis can count an object, and then correctly locate the number symbol associated with that, at least for 2 and 3. I'm impressed.

He also did really good at this matching game.

Moira practiced her camouflage technique.

The babysitter taught the kids to play Charades. It was hilarious to listen to.

We signed up for an Animal Encounters class and I sold it to Davis with promises that he could hold animals, like bunnies or kitties. He insisted that kitties are not animals, but horses are, and he'd be willing to hold on of those. He ended up getting a guinea pig first and he was very unimpressed.

Eventually someone with a bunny wanted to trade and he was thrilled. He held it for the rest of the class, about a half an hour.

Moira was more willing to be flexible and held multiple bunnies, guinea pigs, and a chinchilla.

We bought some toys off one of our homeschool friends, some trucks and a golf set. Davis is really enjoying this car carrier, and it turns out it's good for carrying lots of things, like pamphlets, and snacks.

We celebrated my sister's birthday on Friday.

It was finally our turn for the Frozen DVD from the library. The kids watched it right away, and then Moira set up a Frozen convention in the living room, complete with a conversation area, a place to sell things, and dancing. We also listened to the soundtrack on almost constant repeat for a few days.

My fabulous roommate who just moved away to college also had a birthday party at my house this week. I offered to make Bibimbap, so we went to Uwajimaya for supplies and found this not at all creepy meat display.

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