Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What we did last week

Something spilled in the kitchen and both kids wanted to clean it up. There were some problems with who got to use which broom.

Moira set up Mr. Pettibone (Davis) with a meal. He ate the whole thing this way.

Davis is starting to learn how to put books on hold at the library. He's very proud.

We have a bunch of rice that is no longer safe for consumption and I've been meaning to help the kids make more colored rice, so when our plans were cancelled at the last minute due to sickness, we did. The kids spent a lot of time playing with the rice bin, while the new stuff dried.

Moira has taken to asking what we are doing next multiple times a day, sometimes all in a row, so I suggested we make a weekly calendar. She did almost all of the typing, and then helped me pick out font sizes and colors. It has worked really well so far, because she seems to be able to read the things she's typed, so she can actually use it as a reference.

This was an unsuccessful experiment at the playground in the mall near us while we waited for the shoe store to open.

This week was the best forest school we've been to so far. It was all about chemistry and the kids had a lot of fun playing with solids, liquids, and gas.

There was a lot of poking and exploring of nature too.

Davis really enjoyed using this magnifying glass to look at things closer.

We made baking soda and vinegar rockets.

And the kids got to make Gak to take home.

They liked the class so much, we pulled out the baking soda and vinegar when we got home.

Moira's painting
The kids decided to make some presents for the baby sitters and Moira set up an art station entirely on her own, and then helped Davis when he wanted to get involved.

They were playing so happily and then when I went to find them I found out it was because they had made swords and were pirates.

While Walker and I were out, the kids and the baby sitter made rocket ships and they went to the moon. Then we all had dinner and watched a movie there and they flew home for bedtime.

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